Donelli Sparkling Juice

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This post may seem different to you, it’s not about a restaurant nor a recipe. But it is a beverage that I happened to come across lately.

Always a lover of sparkling juices, my happiness knew no bounds when I chanced upon Mr. Dario Bechini, Brand Manager of Donelli when I visited an Italian restaurant some months ago. Donelli is a brand that originates from Italy and is dated back to 1915. Founded by Adolfo Donelli, who used to create these bottles at home and later expanded them across territories, these juices have received quite some appreciation due to which they took no time in becoming international.

Originally creators of wines, Donelli soon started producing sparkling juices for a wider audience. Currently, they have various flavours of these which are sold in the market.


Fact: The Premium Donelli bottles have been designed by Sergio Scaglietti, manufacturer of notable Ferarri car models, as a gift to the President of Donelli. Sergio’s signature is still produced on these bottles are a mark of respect.

What I loved about these juices is the way they are prepared. Most sparkling drinks are first made into alcohol and later the alcohol part is extracted chemically (According to UAE laws, this is allowed and is not Haram). Donelli believes in preparing them naturally without no added sugar.

What’s more? Have an entire bottle of Donelli and you just gain 50 calories! (Wasn’t kidding about the “no sugar” part) The calories come from grapes of course, which is fructose. So no bad fat here!

The ones that are available in the market are priced nominally (AED 12.50 per bottle) and have six flavours:

  • Grape Juice (Red)
  • Grape Juice (White)
  • Blood Orange
  • Gold Apple
  • Peach
  • Wild Berry

Quite diverse don’t you think?


Mr. Dario let us try some of their flavours and my favourite one is the Rosé. (Available in Premium bottles) Upon smelling, you get a subtle rose fragrance that’s almost too good to drink. But a sip has you tasting a delicate drink that is a perfect mixture of sweet and bitter. I could have four glasses of this without feeling too full!

Donelli juices can also be found in some Italian restaurants where Premium bottles are offered and can be bought. (Lounge Cafe Italiano, Sapori di biCE, Eataly and Hosteria)

Pairs well with Italian food or even if you want to enjoy it simply. A perfect drink for any occasion!

Pictured: Left- Red and Sparkling, Right- Bianco (Premium)

Check out some of the links below to find information about where these are available. I’m going to hoard my shelves with these now!

Let me know what you think about Donelli. Do you have a favourite brand of Sparkling Juice?

Until then, happy eating! xx


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