Does Meat N’ Fish offer a Mediterranean taste?

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The onset of winter is the perfect excuse to start dining al fresco and we’ve come up with a perfect location for one of those late lunches out! Boxpark is home to a lot of homegrown ventures, joining these is the newly opened Meat n’ Fish which promises to offer a blend of Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and Greek cuisines. 


The staff itself is Turkish, Greek, and Arab and seem to have good knowledge of the menu. Although, not much of English. Point out what you like on the menu and you’re good to go! For starters, we had a Mixed Platter of Cold Dips which made for a pretty plate full of colors. Paired well with the complimentary bread served. We also ordered some BBQ Fish Patties [AED 48], Beef Sausages [AED 52], and Fried Shrimps which came with a chilli yoghurt sauce [AED 46].


The shrimps were sadly drenched in batter and quite soggy with a dollop of sauce poured over, while the beef sausages too tough to cut through. The management was keen to receive feedback and assured to make changes next time. The highlight, however, was the Pan Seared Kasseri Cheese [AED 46] which is popular in Greece and Turkey. The slice of cheese served on a sizzling plate is drizzled with lemon juice which rendered a little tangy taste to its otherwise subtle sweet flavor.


We decided to go with a Mix Grill [AED 125] and Oven Baked Sea Bass [AED 95] for the main course, but gave in to ordering a Vegetable Pasta [AED 85] as well, due to the numerous images on Instagram. The grills consist of lamb chops, skewered chicken, and lamb. Giving a smoky flavor that went well with the tenderness of the meat. The Sea Bass is almost lost under the copious amounts of cheese and vegetables but, is surprisingly delicious.


We are suckers for the cheese wheel used to prepare pasta in Italy, and gladly, it is used at Meat n’ Fish and cooked live in a Grana Padano wheel. The cheese is exceptional no doubt and delivers a delicate nutty flavor to the dish.


The dessert comes next and we are recommended to try the Tiramisu [AED 38] and Red Pearl [AED 48], which are their best sellers. The Tiramisu missing its coffee touch and topped with heaps of cocoa powder is disastrous when compared to the winning Red Pearl. An inverted half sphere, when poured with hot chocolate, reveals fruits and ice cream. A simple and sweet combo.

If I’m going back: Meat n’ Fish has a serene vibe which we love and wouldn’t mind going back for. The staff is warm and the food great, if you love meat and fish that is. 😉

We would suggest going for the Sea Bass and grills as that’s what the venue is strong in. While dining, the Fresh Fish and Linguine catches our eye, but we’ll keep that for next time. 🙂

What are your favorite seafood places in Dubai? Let me know…

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Until then, happy eating! xx

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