Customer is King – 800 Degrees Pizza, Media Event 2015

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Gone are the days when you have to remove those dreadful vegetables from your pizzas, to enjoy just the meat and base. Gone are the days when you have to wait 15 mins for your pizzas to be prepared. Cause now you can customize your own pizza at 800 Degrees! And get it prepared in 90 seconds!


I was invited to the media event of 800 Degrees Pizza, located in the new extension of Mall of the Emirates. We received their media invite which arrived home in a pizza box, courtesy Yardstick Marketing, which created quite a buzz about what the next week had in store for us.



800 Degrees is situated on the third floor, where we had the the chance to sample their delectable pizzas and toppings. And don’t you worry! They have toppings for everyone! This pizza place has options for also the lazy ones, who don’t want to go through the hassle of deciding each topping.




Their open kitchen is set up in a wonderful way, where one has to go through each server in a line. First you decide the crust, base, toppings, salads and your sides. This makes for a quite smart way to prevent crowding in one area. More like a buffet where you watch your meal being prepared as you take each step.




My first option was the Neapolitian crust, with a Bianca base and hold it! Let me come to my favourite part – the toppings! I decided to go crazy with them and try beef pepperoni, chicken, shrimps, roasted garlic, caramelised onions, jalapeños and mushrooms. I also tried a Carni, their speciality pizza, with broccoli as extra topping. Watching my pizza being prepared was interesting, they also have the traditional ovens which are hardly in sight nowadays.



My customized pizza tasted exactly how I thought it would, delicious. The topping couldn’t support the thin base though. But, I enjoyed it. The Carni was appreciated with its meatballs and turkey, though I felt the base could have been thicker again to support its topping.



We tried their cherry tomatoes and pesto Burrata. Loved the cheese with pesto in this one! The plate was wiped out in seconds! We also ordered their Antipasti and were happy with the meat.




Unfortunately, we didn’t feel the same way about the Gelato. We felt that work could be put to make it much better. And what is a meal that does not end with a good coffee? We had two strong cups of wonderful Capuccinos that made us feel quite fresh after a heavy meal.


All in all, the media event was a fun experience where I met a lot of other blogger friends. The event that was organized by Yardstick Marketing was a success! Definitely coming back for this one!

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Disclaimer: Though I was a guest at 800 Degrees, all opinions expressed are my own and they stand honest and unbiased.

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