Chin Chin – An Unfortunate Chinese Affair

I’ve been to Chin Chin a few times before writing this review. My recent visit shocked me, well, disappointed me actually. Chin Chin has a branch in Sharjah, specifically located in Al Majaz. I visited on a Friday night, and the service might have been poor due to the crowded place.


Upon entering I was asked to wait for a table for around 10 mins. This was acceptable considering the crowd. Our server apologized for the wait and was kind enough to make us feel comfortable.

We ordered a Chinese Chop suey (From our usual American one), Crispy Beef, Chicken Chilli, Chicken Hakka Noodles and a Veg. Fried Rice. Needless to say, the Crispy beef, being one of their star dishes, was the best! The beef would just melt in your mouth and you could have as much as you want, and still not be satisfied! 😀 This one is highly recommended! They also have a chicken option for those who don’t prefer beef.


The vegetable fried rice and Chicken noodles were good, the usual type. Coming to our chicken dishes, the Chicken chilli was a gravy dish. The chicken was well cooked, but topped with a lot of cornflour. All in all, the dish was good, but didn’t justify it’s name as it lacked the spicy flavor. Since I am a fan of spiciness, I really expected so much from this dish, but it failed to deliver.



The Chinese chop suey was something that is best forgotten. When we asked the waiter previously about the difference between this and it’s American version, we were said that it’s just the red sauce.

( The Chinese chop suey is pictured below. I usually order my noodles as a separate )


I was very disappointed with this dish in particular. Mainly, because it looked appetizing but did not taste so. It seems like Chin Chin prefers serving bland food to its customers. Our server agreed to request the chef to add in some spices. Mainly, some ginger or garlic, for some flavor. But even then, it was distasteful. ( The updated one is pictured below )


Place wise, the restaurant is pretty small and dimly lit. Taking pictures proved quite difficult due to direct overhead lighting 🙁

It was quite nice to watch the chefs at work though. They provide a see through glass through which you can see your meals being prepared in front of you. If you plan for a quite dinner, do not visit on a weekend, as they are filled with large groups of family with crying kids running all over the place.


Will I be coming back? I really don’t think so. Unless they change their recipes or their menu altogether. Have you ever had an experience where your taste buds just don’t agree, however pleasing the dish might look? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Till then, happy eating! xx

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