Celebrating Norooz at Shabestan, Radisson Blu Hotel

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I’ve been to Radisson Blu, Deira Creek so many times now that it’s become sort of like a second home.

The place boasts various highlights – restaurants of different cuisines, hospitable service and a gorgeous view of the Creek. You can even head down to the Abra for a little ride after your meal.

This time, I was at the hotel to try out a special menu at Shabestan in celebration of the Iranian New Year.

The place has a very calming vibe to it. You almost feel like you’re home due to the sparse interiors, carpets and relaxing live music. But at the same time, notice the decor and you’ll see that it’s quite royal, which gives the entire area a grand look.


The servers speak little English so you’re better off sticking to the menu for the brief description under each dish. They do suggest some signature dishes, though, which seem promising.

We started with some salad and warm Iranian bread after which our starters arrived. These consisted of three plates of gravies to be had with the bread. Just dip your bread in or have the gravy on its own.

We were presented with three types of starters;

  • Nargazi – A mixture of spinach, garlic, and kashk (dry yoghurt)
  • Mirza Ghasemi – A puree of aubergine, tomatoes and scrambled egg on top
  • Kashk e Bademjoon – Eggplant with mint sauce, garlic, and kashk

I loved the soft flavour of aubergines and tomatoes in the Mirza Ghasemi which was my favourite out of the three. The kashk reminded me of goat’s cheese which is not really my liking, hence, I didn’t prefer the other two.


Our main course arrived on a large hot plate after a while. Four types of kebabs served with the traditional rice with butter. We were served Joojeh Kebab, Chelo Kebab e Kubideh, Tikkeh Khodmoni, and Chelo Kebab e Barg. A meal for meat lovers. The authentic way of eating this is to take a bite of a piece of kebab with the buttered rice.

The set menu ended with Faloodah with saffron and some Iranian sweets to have with tea. The Faloodah is prepared with a type of frozen milk and vermicelli infused with saffron. A nice dessert for people who like strong flavours.


If I’m coming back: The kebabs are hands down the best I’ve had, which speaks volumes about the authenticity of the place. I was reminded back to my time in Iran where we enjoyed kebabs like these almost everywhere.

Know an Iranian restaurant in Dubai? Let me know about your favourite kebabs in town. 😀

For more information, Shabestan can be reached at www.diningdubaicreek.com

Until then, happy eating! xx
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