Tiramisu With A Twist! (Non-Alcoholic)

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How many of us have tried making Tiramisu before and have failed miserably? I sure have my hand up. The mixture is always too thin or too thick.

And does your coffee seem to lose itself providing no flavor at all? Yes, happened to me too.

How about I provide a quick solution to all these problems so that you come out making the best Tiramisu you’ve ever made? Perfect, right?

Let’s first get started with the coffee we use. Do you know that most of the coffee beans out there get burnt due to the usage of extremely hot water? That’s where Caffé Di Artisan comes in. Packed in small containers, you can order your espresso shots for a nominal price. They have three types; Raro, Asmara, and Vilasita. Out of which I got a box of Raro shots (the best in my opinion), to make a dessert that retains the coffee flavor and gives it a lovely fragrance!


Mentioned below is the recipe that is easy enough to memorize or print if you prefer doing that. There is no hard and fast rule in using ladyfingers in these, (that only stands if you want it done the authentic way) so you can easily swap them for different alternatives.


  • Servings: 7-8
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Print


  • 4 eggs, whites and yolks separate
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 2 Raro espresso shots
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 500 g mascarpone cheese
  • 250 ml heavy cream
  • A pack of Ladyfingers
  • Cocoa powder to dust on top

Separate the egg whites and yolks into two bowls. Add the sugar into the bowl with yolks and beat thoroughly till you get a pale yellow mixture. Add in the mascarpone cheese and mix with a spoon. (Bowl 1)

In a separate bowl beat the egg whites until soft peaks form. The mixture will be light and airy. (Bowl 2)

Next, take about 1/4th of the egg whites mixture (Bowl 2) and add into the other bowl (Bowl 1) Mix till you see they are combined. Now pour the contents from Bowl 1 into Bowl 2 and combine till it’s mixed homogenously.

Moving on to the other layers, mix Raro espresso shots with 1/4 a cup of warm water and mix thoroughly.

Dip the ladyfingers on both the sides in the coffee liquid. Be careful not to soak them in as it becomes soggy. Just dip them lightly on both sides. I used Digestive biscuits for a crunchy texture. You can also use sponge cake. It depends on how you like you like it. Although, the traditional way is to use ladyfingers.

For the last step, layer the bowl you’re using to serve the dessert. Start with the ladyfingers or biscuits at the bottom with the cream mixture on top. Use these layers alternatively to your heart’s desire. For good measure, I decided to add heavy cream on top and dust cocoa powder to garnish.

This recipe making servings enough for 7-8 people approx., although serving size may result in extra or shortage of quantity.

There you have it! Simple right?

I try making most of the recipes easy enough to be followed by everyone. Also, because I’m a klutz in the kitchen and complicated stuff and I don’t go well 🙁


Do let me know if you’ve prepared this and it would be awesome if you tag me on Instagram when you make this @hungryoungwoman and #hungryoungwomanrecipes 😀

Until then, happy eating! xx

Note: The recipe lists quantities enough for the above-mentioned servings. Increase the ingredients according to the number of people.

Disclosure: This is to inform that although we will be receiving compensation from Caffé Di Artisan, the recipe is tried, tested, and prepared completely by Hungryoungwoman.
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  1. This is perfect and what I’m looking for exactly! I’ve been snooping the internet for yummy and simple desserts. This looks like the perfect one. Thanks for sharing and I’ll try this out soon! 🙂

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