Burger or Lobster?

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Some of the newly opened restaurants in DIFC led us to the UK import, Burger and Lobster. Situated in Burj Daman building, also home to Artisan by Enoteca Pinchiorri and Carnival by Tresind (the latter still yet to open), the location was a bit difficult since it isn’t listed on the map.

The side of the entrance is lined with tanks of live lobsters, a little eerie to see your food alive right before you eat it. Enter a rustic area with wooden tables and dim lighting.

Burger and Lobster has created quite a buzz for just three items on their menu; burger, lobster (steamed or grilled), and lobster roll. Although they’ve introduced drinks and desserts with time, the main courses still remain the same.

We ordered a beef burger with their usual sides of french fries and salad which comes for a whopping AED 127. A little too steep for something you can get anywhere around here for a much cheaper price. A lobster roll too was tested. Along with which, we tried their Mocha and Cinema Popcorn [AED 35 each]

We were handed the drinks while we waited for our order. The Mocha a bit too diluted was the guest’s opinion, while my Cinema Popcorn was packed with flavors of caramelized popcorn. The wait for the mains was more than 20 minutes approx., surprising, as the restaurant was almost empty for the weekday lunch.


The staff seemed rather indifferent and getting one’s attention proved quite a task. The mains finally arrived and made it seem worth the wait. The burger patty was clearly high quality with bacon strips, onions, and tomato all encased in a soft bun. The salad with its rocket leaves and onions under a slight drizzle of balsamic vinegar was an excellent partner to the meal. (Added to my list of Best Burgers)


The lobster roll comes with a lemon butter sauce and it cannot get better than that! The bread reminds us of the Indian pav (buttered toast) within which lay succulent pieces of lobster.


Burger and Lobster has a limited menu for its desserts as well with options of Tres Leches Cake and Lemon Cheesecake. Short and simple we call it! Served a decent portion of Tres Leches, we felt the cake could be moister. As for the cheesecake, a deconstructed/upside down version, it was tangy, to say the least.

With great food and decor under their belt, Burger and Lobster definitely impresses. But their service? Not so much. A feature that we think can improve immensely.


If I’m going back: Not much to say, but the lobster roll and burger top the list.

Would you mind paying AED 127 for a burger? Let me know your thoughts.

Until then, happy eating! xx
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  1. That’s a bit much for a burger, especially considering that its DIFC (not really the ambience that I’d shell out that much money for), and there are way too many burger options around town. What exactly are you paying for? The lobster roll on the other hand might be worth a shot. How much was it for?

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