Breakfast Goals at Culinary Boutique

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Earlier, a dining experience would be measured by the taste of food and hospitality. Later, ambiance became an important factor. And now, interiors play a vital role in choosing where to dine.

Restaurants have begun concentrating on their decor, coming up with quirky, rustic, or even authentic designs, which has taken up Instagram by a storm. You can say maybe that’s how the term “grammable” was coined.

So, we make our way to Culinary Boutique, a highly ‘Insta-worthy’ place in Jumeirah on a weekend morning to find what the hype is really about. First off, the cafe boasts Valet Parking which is a relief due to the shortage of parking spots in the area. Heading in, we see two sections of the place. One, a classic white area with wooden tables and a beautiful view. And two, the “quirky side” in my words. Tiled mosaic walls in blue and white, and patterned floors make for a picturesque spot. It’s hard to resist the temptation of snapping a picture, but the place is too crowded for that.

Note to self and you all: Visit early on weekends. 

We quickly place our drinks order. A Cappucino [AED 20] for me, and Salted Caramel Milkshake [AED 35] for the hubby. The breakfast menu is a selection of eggs done in various ways. We ask for an Eggs Benedict with bacon [AED 68], Omelette stuffed with chicken, mushrooms, and Cheddar Cheese [AED 68], and a Spanish Omelette. [AED 65] (Yes, a lot of eggs that day 😉 )

Our personal favorite is the Spanish Omelette, suggested by our server. Made of Scarmorza Cheese deliciously drenching the omelette stuffed with Porcini Mushrooms and potatoes. I also ask for a Rose Croissant [AED 15] on the side and am impressed with the subtle rose essence. We later spot a Saffron Risotto with Wagyu Cheek [AED 90] on the menu but sadly that’s only served for lunch.

Picking dessert is a hard choice and we’re glad the server rescues us once again! She recommends the Milk Cake and Sticky Banana Pudding. [AED 50 for each] The Milk Cake is like an alternative version of a Tres Leches. A beautiful marriage of Vanilla French Cream and Condense Milk-soaked cake leaves us feeling not too full.

If the Milk Cake is airy and light, the Pudding is a contrast. Sticky toffee cake with banana and cream is on the heavier side, but the ice cream saves it from being too sweet.

If we’re going back: Culinary Boutique is on everyone’s list of favorite breakfast spots and we say why not? The staff is knowledgeable, the food is simple, and the interiors are seriously what you’d want to wake up to.

We strongly suggest trying out the Spanish Omelette and Milk Cake for breakfast.

Do we think we’ve achieved our breakfast goals? Definitely. What are your favorite breakfast spots? Let us know…

Until then, happy eating! xx

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