Breakfast at The Mall – Ayam Elezz

Last Updated on January 9, 2017 by hungryoungwoman

Since we’ve grown accustomed to the preferred way of having breakfast here – coffee and your way of eggs, we didn’t mind trying Ayam Elezz for a change.  A tray of 10 items and a Lebanese affair we were promised. But how did it fare in terms of taste? Let’s find out…

Ayam Elezz is conveniently located at The Mall, Umm Suqeim, with a view of Jumeirah Beach Hotel from the restaurant. The decor is kept true to its culture with colorful interiors and authentic dishes and the venue boasts outdoor seating with shisha. We order their specialty – Morning Glory [AED 86], for breakfast. The tray comes with a spread of jams, Grilled Halloumi cheese, and bread. Also included were Zaatar rolls, Labneh balls, and Foul Mdammes.


The Lunch specials start at 12 noon, and since we stayed long enough, we had the chance to try those as well. We ask for the suggested Mankooshet Ayam Elezz [AED 24] and Mixed Grill [AED 73]. Flatbreads topped with minced meat adore our table soon with grilled chicken and lamb straight from the oven. Our favorite was the Mixed Grill for their tender meat combined with a subtle smoky flavor.


As most Arabic meals end, we finish ours with Knefe [AED 33], a semolina and cheese pastry topped with sugar syrup. A cheesy ending indeed!


If we’re going back: The lunch and dinner menu seems interesting to give a try. While we loved the Mankooshet Ayam Elezz, we would recommend the grills more!

What are your favorite places for breakfast? Have you given Ayam Elezz a try? Let us know…

Until then, happy eating! xx

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