The Ultimate Bintan Itinerary with a Toddler

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As most of my Instagram followers know, I just visited Singapore with a short holiday in Bintan. Well, I just couldn’t miss the opportunity of staying at a beach resort right? Bintan is a small island and a part of Indonesia but just a ferry ride away from Singapore. In short, you get to visit the bustling country of Singapore and also experience a beach holiday with just one itinerary! Our family of three really enjoyed our time there which is why I want to share this ultimate Bintan itinerary so you can also see the island for yourself.

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Bintan Itinerary

But first things first…exactly how to go to Bintan from Singapore?

You will need to take a ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to reach Bintan. The ride is approximately 75 minutes and the ferry is very punctual so get there early to avoid missing your ride. We took Mozaic Ferry Lines which took us directly to our Bintan accommodation.

If you are looking to book a ferry, you can find multiple ferries from Direct Ferries with timings and prices to suit your needs.

The ferry is very comfortable and the terminal requires you to be present at least 90 minutes before departure time. There is an option to check-in luggage if any and passports are required during that time.

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal is located only 10 minutes away from Changi Airport using a car. Since our flight landed just a little before the ferry, we decided to book ourself a cab through Grab. This was honestly the most convenient thing ever.

Indonesia allows visa-free arrival for select nationalities, click here to see if you require a visa. Since we had a trip to Singapore planned after our Bintan holiday, our Singapore visa sufficed for the journey.

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fish in the water - bintan itinerary
Beautiful fish in the water right outside the lobby!

Where to Stay in Bintan:

There are a number of options for you to pick a resort based on your budget requirements in Bintan. Here’s how you can take a quick look around the island below

Our choice was the Bintan Lagoon Resort which according to me should be one of the best resort in Bintan! Bintan beach resort is in a Northern island of Indonesia.

It is a sprawling property with 450 rooms, suites, and villas and two golf courses. A glance at its website will give you insight about the current Bintan Lagoon Resort packages and the prices are reasonable. Click here for the package we chose!

room inside bintan lagoon resort

Upon entering Bintan, we were greeted with a buggy that took us to the entrance of the resort. We were given cold towels for refreshing ourselves and a welcome drink (non-alcoholic). There was also a cultural welcome dance that was performed on our arrival and the traditional outfits were just beautiful!

In addition to a comfortable room with all facilities, the Bintan Lagoon Resort promotion also includes complimentary breakfast, a range of activities, and an F&B credit of IDR 2,000,000 so you don’t have to worry about your dietary needs.

The best part is that if you book this Bintan package, the resort also takes care of your ferry ride from/to Singapore along with land transfers back to the airport or accommodation in Singapore.

Something that made me the most comfortable was that Bintan Lagoon Resort serves Halal food (we only dined at Fiesta! and they confirmed this for me while I also spotted Muslim workers there) and they have a mosque inside the resort. All rooms also show the Qiblah sign which is an added feature but very nice for Muslim travelers.

There were some welcome fruits placed on the table in our room. I noticed a few ants around that area so you’ve got to be a bit careful if you leave any food items open.

Kids pool at BLR

For families that would like to have a private area to swim, the Bintan Lagoon Resort villa – Angsoka Villa comes with a private pool. But please do bear in mind that villas are located quite near each other.

To view more about the hotel and my stay there, click here to watch my highlights!

Things to do in Bintan Island

Now, your accommodation is sorted and with the amazing package mentioned above, you don’t even require a Bintan food guide! However, if you do want to venture outside your room to look and experience Bintan in its glory, here’s what to do in Bintan.

  • Relax at the beach

One of the main reasons you’re at Bintan, Indonesia in the first place is because you wanted a holiday at the beach. Spend your time enjoying just that with either a lovely summertime read or lots of swimming. If you don’t spend time at the beach during your Bintan trip, you haven’t experienced the island at all!

Toddler holding golf stick
My little one was fascinated by this game!
  • Hone your golf skills

Bintan Lagoon offers a great chance to hone your golfing skills by including 20 balls to play with the 3D2N package. We tried our hand at it and as first-timers did pretty well (according to me!) It wasn’t easy having our toddler around and trying to play but we managed

  • Mangrove Tour

I heard so much about going for a mangrove tour but we sadly didn’t have enough time with all the activities we were engaged in. Also, I was a little scared to go with my toddler as he can get quite curious and those images of him jumping into the waters in my mind weren’t very good. Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to do this next time when he’s older.

However, this is the mangrove tour I wanted to do before visiting Bintan. I’ve read so many reviews that this is one of the best Bintan things to do so do include it in your Bintan sightseeing list. Here’s a link to it.

  • Water Sports fun 

With all that water around the island, there are numerous water sports to enjoy while exploring Bintan island things to do list. First up is Chill Cove at Treasure Bay which is just under 20 minutes from Bintan Lagoon Resort by car. There are different packages available depending on how adventurous you are involving a mix of water and land activities. Check here for all the packages and prices.

Next up for wakeboarding is the Chill Cove Wake Park. Here, you will get access to basic equipment for the ride with life jackets and even initial classes for beginners. Click for prices and available dates here.

  • Senggarang Water Village Tour

To really get an insight into the culture and people of Bintan, this boat trip took us through a village called Senggarang where we got a chance to see the local life and the market with its fresh produce (you can look around and buy anything you like) There is also a chance to get lunch and a massage after the tour which is optional. Here’s the tour on this Bintan travel guide.

The people in Bintan, Indonesia are very friendly and this is something I have noticed from most Asian people. You can chat easily with them and they just connect with you. In case you really want to know from a local, ask the staff at your hotel about how to get around and the best places to visit in Bintan, Indonesia and they will surely help you out!

The two major religions followed in Bintan are Buddhism and Islam. There are temples and mosques located around the island for those planning to sightsee them.


Flights to Singapore were cheaper for me from India but you can plan your visit in advance to save up and know which months will be offseason.

I’m so glad we visited Bintan, which is a much cheaper and off beaten location as compared to the widely popular Bali in Indonesia. If you have visited the island before, do let me know what you put in your where to go in Bintan, Indonesia list!

So, ready to holiday in Bintan yet? 

Until then, happy traveling! xx

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links which will give me a small commission if you purchase a product/service. This will not result in any extra cost to you. Although I was a guest at Bintan Lagoon Resort, my opinions remain unbiased and true to the best of my knowledge.
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    1. Surely next time then, Razena! I would definitely recommend visiting the island if you are considering traveling to Singapore or Indonesia next time.

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