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Hungryoungwoman is back with the best Fries in Dubai! I believe a meal is only complete when there is a perfect side course added to it. This can literally make or break your experience. Therefore, here we are, to help you on that!

These fries have been judged on the basis of their crispiness and the ingredients added. So these are not the usual fries guys!

The earlier post about Onion Rings received extreme views so I thought it would be unfair to the “Fries Lovers” if I didn’t post one about French Fries.

Fun Fact: French Fries originated in Belgium and there is a museum dedicated to fries and potatoes in the country. 

Mentioned below are some of our favorite fries from this city. Note that they aren’t listed in any order.

  • Fries with Bacon and Ranch: Big Smoke Burger, Boxpark [AED 25/35]

Who loves bacon? Who loves ranch? Mix them together with potatoes and you have the best fries. Ever. I found the fries less crispy after a while since the dressing makes them a little soggy.

Advice: Devour them as fast as you can. Before they turn soft. Also, before someone gets their hands on them.


  • Parmesan Fries: The Counter, Dubai Mall and JBR [AED 21/26]

The Counter is popularly known for its burgers and shakes. But they do pretty darn good fries too. These fries come coated with melted parmesan which make them drool worthy.


  • Texas Chili Cheese Fries: Chili’s, Various Outlets [AED 46]

Fries with chili, bacon, jalapenos and chipotle-ranch dressing. Now we’re talking! Not just a side, you can even have this as the main course…


  • Parmesan Truffle Fries: Moylo’s, Jumeirah [AED 18]

Parmesan again. But this time with hints of truffle. The fries here don’t exactly serve the promised truffle taste, but the crispiness makes up for it.


  • Logma Fries: Logma, Box park [AED 28]

Logma is a restaurant located in Boxpark, Al Safa and serves Emirati cuisine. The fries here come inspired by the tradition and are infused with Khaleeji spices and herbs.


So here are some of the fries I love and I’ll be adding more when something makes the cut!

What are your favorite fries in Dubai?

Until then, happy eating! xx

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