The Best Burgers in Dubai

There’s got to be a list somewhere about the best burgers in Dubai, right? I mean, I’ve seen so many, but none of them match my favorites.

Burgers. Who doesn’t love them? There are two kinds of people; one, who prefer their burgers messy and loaded with almost every ingredient available (read: me), and the others, who are perfectly okay with burgers stuffed with the appropriate number. 

And well, the last type and the ones that aren’t considered in this post, are the people who don’t like them. (There aren’t that kind of people in this world, I hope) Read below to see a list curated from some of the best restaurants in Dubai.

So I’ve been thinking of starting a new section featuring “The Best of” in every category. There’s going to be a separate menu apart from Dine Out with Her and Her Kitchen Stories 

My first post in this category is going to be well, burgers. Before we start, the burgers featured here are the ones I found different and ticked all the specifications in my mental list of the perfect burger.

Note: This list will keep changing depending on my experiences with the burgers and comparisons with other joints. Also, the burgers listed are not in any ranking order.

Hungryoungwoman’s List of Best Burgers in Dubai

1. Blaze Burgers – 6abooga Burger

Messy. Loaded with Cheese (the buns are two cheese sandwiches!) Thick patty. What more do you want from a burger?

Best Burgers in Dubai
Wagyu Burger from Crumble (Sadly, the location has been closed down but I didn’t have the heart to remove this delicious picture)

2. Eggspectation – The BBQ Burger

Who loves bacon strips? (Raises hand promptly!)

Eggspectation Best Burger in Dubai

3. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – New York Strip

Steak in a burger? Cause why not? 😀


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4. SMK – USDA Smoked Brisket

Simple goes a long way! That’s how good this smoked brisket was. The meat is slow cooked and the juiciness of it leaves you wanting more!


5. The Tap House – Heisenburger

You can see this is not just an ordinary burger. It is perhaps the only chicken burger on this list and well worth it. Homemade chicken patty with buttermilk fried chicken, smoked cheddar cheese, aioli, and a tower of onion rings to add in, can this be the best chicken burger in Dubai?


6. High Joint – High Burger

If you are the type that likes “hole in the wall” concepts and don’t mind being seated really close to strangers eating next to you, then you will like High Joint. Other than the fact that the interior is totally quirky, their burgers are pretty amazing for the affordable price. Here’s my favorite – High Burger


7. Bareburger- Customized Burgers

A place where you can make your own burgers. This is where you can go loco with all the fillings available and your creation HAS to be one of the best burgers in Dubai, right?


So that’s it, folks! I will be adding in more when I feel it needs to be on the list. Feel free to let me know your favorite burgers in Dubai 😀

Until then, happy eating! xx

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