6 Best Breakfast Places in Dubai You Need to Dine At

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“Weekends are the best way to spend late mornings having brunch.” That’s what I used to think, but now, I’m a convert. Breakfasts are in! Below you will find some mouthwatering dishes that are served in some of the best breakfast places in Dubai!

Of course, this list can be never-ending and you are free to tell me your recommendations for breakfast restaurants in Dubai so I can add it to the list. Sharing is caring, right? This will ensure that whenever you’re dining on the weekends/ holidays, you get to have the best breakfast in Dubai on this list.

Best Breakfast Places in Dubai 


  • Carine –

Located in Emirates Golf Club, the restaurant belongs to Chef Izu who lovingly named the restaurant after his wife. What’s better than watching France on the telly is actually being able to eat from something that looks like it’s straight from the country. The warm and buttery chocolate croissant or pain au chocolat as they may call it, or the perfectly runny egg yolk soaking my bread is just the way I would like to my breakfast to be

  • Denny’s –

If you are one for American breakfasts, Denny’s is the place. This diner has become one of the places I head to when I’m up extra early (about 6 AM) and am craving a nice, hearty meal. The American diner is pretty popular in the States and has two branches in Dubai. Also, they are open 24×7!

I always order their Salted Caramel and Banana Cream Pancake Breakfast (highly recommended!) and the husband loves The Grand Slamwich, a monstrous sandwich packing in cheese, turkey, bacon bits, and scrambled eggs.


  • Zou Zou –

The best thing about Dubai is the availability of cuisines that you wouldn’t have otherwise tried if you haven’t traveled to the actual countries. The Turkish breakfast platter from Zou Zou is easily shareable between 2 people and serves a variety of dishes in appropriate portions (approx AED 85 for 2 pax). The restaurant is located in La Mer and the view is of the beach, but sit outdoors to enjoy the morning breeze. Serving breakfast until 1 PM.

Tip: Avoid weekends as they get really really busy and there’s usually a waiting line to be seated


  • Black Tap –

Are you someone that likes to sleep till late? Black Tap has a breakfast menu available from 10 AM until 4 PM on the weekends and I think it’s a great thing to go for if you had a late night before. Also, it is one of the best breakfast places Dubai has! My favorites from the menu were the Blueberry Waffles and Fried Chicken with honey butter and Baja Breakfast Egg Sandwich. Both are huge portions and will leave you feeling full until dinner time.

They also have a newly opened branch at Dubai Festival City that boasts beautiful views of the waterfront. Sit outdoors for a good view and enjoy your late breakfast!


  • Parker’s –

This restaurant has often been on most people’s list of food to try as most of their dishes are quite quirky. However, I prefer their comforting Turkish Simit which comes stuffed with garlic and za’atar yogurt, chili oil, and a poached egg. What a lovely combination! We’ve tried their breakfast twice and loved it! Will be returning there soon in the future.

I visited their branch in La Mer as it’s quite convenient from my house, but they also have a branch at the mall if you’d like to have the best breakfast in Dubai Mall.


  • Sarabeth’s –

The popular Sarabeth’s recently launched an All Day Breakfast Dubai menu and it had to go up on my best breakfast in Dubai 2019 list! A whole section dedicated to eggs done different ways and a dessert menu that you would want to taste your way through, the venue is definitely one of the good breakfast places in Dubai.

I recommend you do not leave without trying their Saffron Milk Toast. It’s a massive piece of toast topped with berries and whipped cream and poured on top is saffron milk so tasty, you will want to order another plate!

While some are Dubai restaurants with a view, some of these hidden gems for breakfast are located inside malls. There’s no doubt that Dubai has so much to offer in terms of breakfast or even late breakfast for that matter! Everything for everyone!

What’s your favorite place to have breakfast in Dubai? Let me know your thoughts! 

Until then, happy eating! xx

P.S. This list will only keep increasing with the recommendations I have for you all!

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