Budget Bangkok Itinerary: 4 Days for First Timers

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After being back from the holidays, and visiting some great Bangkok tourist spots, I have compiled a budget Bangkok itinerary, 4 days of exploring the city for anyone traveling to Thailand to experience the food, culture, and attractions.

This Bangkok budget trip blog has all the details for the best area to stay in Bangkok, places to see with a Bangkok 4 day itinerary, and the things to do in Bangkok in 3 days.

If you’re staying for a shorter while, do check out this 2 days in Bangkok itinerary.

Visa for Bangkok, Thailand: 

Getting a Tourist Visa in Bangkok is very hassle-free. Although there is an online form you can fill in advance, we thought it would be easier to get a visa on arrival in Thailand. However, the queues are too long and I would personally try to sort out the tourist visa in advance when traveling to Bangkok next time.

A few things to keep in mind before planning your 4 days Bangkok itinerary is to have all your documents like passport copies, passport pictures, ticket printouts, and confirmed booking from your hotel. Here’s how you can see the updated requirements for a visa to Bangkok.

In addition to that, the airport officials also check if you are carrying enough financial means with you for your holiday to Bangkok. We didn’t know this before our honeymoon but thankfully had more than the required 10,000 Bhat per person or 20,000 Bhat per family. [$639/AED 2,347] 

You can keep this amount as your 4 days in Bangkok budget if you like.

When is the best time to visit Bangkok?

We visited the city in late July as we got married in the same month. Since the rainy season in Bangkok starts in August, we were lucky to not experience even a single day of rain during our stay in Bangkok.

Other than July, November and December are the best months to travel to Bangkok as it is comparatively less crowded than the other months. The weather is also cooler during this time so you can expect to walk around and not sweat.

Are you a Muslim planning this 4 day Bangkok itinerary? Here’s an easy Muslim packing guide for you!

Who is the 4 days in Bangkok itinerary for?

This Thailand tour guide is best for those looking to travel cheap and plan a budget itinerary. You will find all the information on how I planned a guide for my honeymoon that made sure I didn’t miss out on things to do in Bangkok, Thailand.

Why do people visit Bangkok from UAE?

I’ll tell you in short why Bangkok is one of the best places to travel:

  • Currency (Baht) values at 1/8th of that of U.A.E., so the math is kind of easy.
  • Second, Bangkok is one of the places where you can use your bargaining skills to the max and not be looked down upon.
  • And, food. Obviously.

Want to know some quick fun facts about Bangkok before your holiday? Click here to see.

So basically, our stay was for 4 nights. We arrived on the morning of 28th July and were dropped to our hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 7. The taxi from the airport starts its meter at 50 Baht and charges another 50 Baht for a toll gate we had to pay on the way. Total charge around 270 Baht including the extra 100 counted earlier. (That’s around $8.6 for a half an hour ride!) I’d suggest that it’s better to hail a cab yourself if you arrive at peak hours. Since we reached Don Mueang Airport around 4 AM, there was no one around.

Here’s a detailed Bangkok city tour itinerary with the breakdown of cost for two people:

Bangkok Itinerary on a budget:

  • Flight Tickets $164 (AED 657) per person [round trip] (paying $15 for 20 kg baggage) 

We searched for the cheapest airlines on Skyscanner and found Air Asia which offered us a great deal. Also, the travel time was around 3 and a half hours since we were traveling from India. It takes about six hours from Dubai but you can find great deals on flights like Jet Airways and China Southern. Check for the latest prices to Bangkok here.

$ (164+15) x 2 = $358 / AED 1314 for 2 people

Note: Air Asia charges extra for baggage which we opted to pay on our way back.


  • Visa: 1000 baht or $31 (AED 117) per person

We decided to get our Visa on arrival. There is a choice if you want to do it beforehand and avoid the long queues at the airport which are a nuisance. The Visa for Thailand is $31 per person. ($62/ AED 234 for 2 people)


Where to stay in Bangkok:

Picture courtesy: www.macboutiquesuites.com
  • Hotel: $108 (AED 400) [without breakfast]

We booked our stay at Mac Boutique Suites which is located in this beautiful area called Sukhumvit. I was a bit surprised to see a lot of Arabs in the area which helped us adjust faster. A bonus was that the street boasted a lot of Halal restaurants which was pretty convenient. Our stay was quite comfortable there and I think it could be the best hotel to stay in Bangkok.

Mac Boutique Suites offers different packages from which we reserved a Royal Suite (room for 2 people) for around $108 without breakfast. (The restaurant at the lobby wasn’t offering Halal food) It is one of the best budget hotels in Bangkok and is located near to the metro.

Here’s how you can book your stay at Mac Boutique Suites. Click here for discounted rates.

Our first day went by exploring our area which transforms into a Souq in the evening. The whole street is lined with small stalls selling almost everything. It’s called the Arab Street and you almost feel like you’re in Naif Souq in Dubai. My advice is to bargain to the max until they agree on your offered rate.

Here are some of the best hostels where backpackers can stay when visiting Bangkok. Alternatively, here’s how you can see a full breakdown on which neighborhoods to stay in Bangkok.

Bangkok Itinerary: 4 Days

Things to do in Bangkok, Thailand:

  • Transport and Bangkok sightseeing (2-day package + 1 day in Pattaya): 5000 + 1480 + 4000 = 10,480 OR $335 (AED 1,230)

The next three days were spent on booking and sightseeing. We managed to find a tourist and travel desk in our hotel lobby and booked with them without further ado. If you’re looking for cheaper rates or a cheap tour guide in Bangkok, you can check out some affordable tours on Get Your Guide. There are plenty of tours available on the website if you are searching for what to see in Bangkok.

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Holding Coconut Ice Cream in Bangkok

  • Day 1: Private car with private guide Bangkok+ Floating Market + Elephant and Crocodile Show + Pratunam Market = 5,000 Baht

I was looking forward to visiting the floating market since I had heard a lot about it. And, it did not disappoint. A 2-hour boat ride where you can stop for pictures and shopping plus a 10-minute stop at two temples and a Coconut Sugar Factory. 

[Look here for a private boat trip to Damnoen Floating Market with a bonus trip to Maeklong Railway Market! I wish I had taken this tour but for sure booking this next time in my visit Bangkok guide]


While I wasn’t a big fan of the sugar factory, I loved the architecture of the temples and how the skies totally seem insta worthy here. Don’t you think?

The next stop was an Elephant and Crocodile zoo where we got to look at some crocodiles up close. We ended the tour by heading to Pratunam Market which is near Pratunam mall in case you are tired of the humidity. This is quite an underrated mall and usually not mentioned in the best places to see in Bangkok.

Bangkok Itinerary 4 Days with Elephant Ride

  • Day 2: Wat Traimit (entrance fee 40 Baht each)+ Wat Pho (entrance fee 100 Baht each)+ China Town + Chatuchak Weekend Market = 1,480 Baht

Visiting Bangkok and not seeing the temples would be a huge crime. The temples are a big part of the culture here in Bangkok as most of the country follows the Buddhism religion.

Also, if you’re interested in history and architecture, this would be the perfect place as the intricate designs inside the temples is something to marvel at. However, if you aren’t too interested in them, then you can spend time clicking pictures!

I found this great deal on Klook for visiting temples which is approximately the price we paid for the tour. Click here to see all info on that!

It is important to note that like most religious tourist attractions, the temples also need to be visited while wearing modest clothing. Sleeveless and shorts are not allowed, although pants or skirts below the knee are considered appropriate. They also have clothing available in case you are not exactly dressed according to the dress code.

We decided to visit and added a tour to China Town and the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market. This is also best to add to your Bangkok guide if you want to explore Bangkok attractions on a budget.

If you’re looking for things to do in Bangkok at night, you must visit China Town! The place is covered with stalls selling different kinds of food.

The Chatuchak Market is another place that is a must-visit for a weekend in Bangkok! I specifically planned the trip so both Saturday and Sunday can be spent there. If you aren’t traveling during the weekend but want to check out one of Bangkok’s markets, then you must visit the Train Night Market Ratchada, click here for a full guide about the timings and what to expect.

Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand

  • Day 3: Pattaya + Chatuchak Weekend Market + Siam Paragon = 4,000 Baht

Our last day in Bangkok was spent in Pattaya which is a perfect Bangkok day trip destination (well, second last. We had a flight the next afternoon so couldn’t go sightseeing that day 🙁 ) We managed to get a private car and boat to the island for 2,000 Baht each.

Pattaya is a nice place for beachgoers or someone planning to take a break from city life in Bangkok. It is also only 2 hours away and serves as a great day trip from Bangkok!

I have researched a few great tours for anyone following this Bangkok tour guide, here’s a list of all tours available in Pattaya.

The tour starts with a shared speed boat making three stops. First stop, you can try paragliding (500 Baht per person) if you’re interested. The next stop is where you go underwater, and the final stop is the island where you can stop to eat or take pictures. Sadly, the boat caused seasickness in me and we had to take a trip back immediately. Also, they wouldn’t refund our fee so the day was a fail.

But, we decided to make good use of our money and went shopping instead! The malls are another must do in Bangkok and should be on your list if you are wondering about what to do in Bangkok for 4 days. I have written a post on the top things to do in Bangkok which you can read for more details.

You can easily split these activities into 2 days and explore both Pattaya and the malls for your 4 day Bangkok trip itinerary.

Coconut Ice cream with peanuts in Bangkok

  • Food and Shopping: $272 (AED 1000)

If you’re looking for Halal food, you might find it a little expensive than the other restaurants. But, $272 for 5 days is not bad for eating out at some great restaurants we found along with street food.

We also did quite a bit of shopping and bought a whole lot of souvenirs (which is why we had to pay for extra baggage on the way back!) which is all included in the amount mentioned above.

Total breakdown = (Airport taxi fee – to and fro) (18 +358 +62 +108 +335 +272 = $1153)

[62 + 1,314 + 234 + 400 + 1,230 + 1,000  = AED 4240]

How to cover the best things to do in Bangkok:

If you are planning to stay longer in Bangkok, I have featured a few of my favorite guides to get information from before traveling to a new country.

So there you go! The perfect Bangkok 4 days itinerary for your trip covering the main sightseeing attractions, shopping, and food making it the best Bangkok itinerary. Don’t you agree?

Do you have some affordable countries to visit in mind? Do let us know…

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Until then, happy eating AND traveling! xx

Bangkok Travel Guide 2019: All currency values and tour prices are subject to change and are updated as of February 2019

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