Baby Steps…

Last Updated on January 23, 2019 by

Doesn’t it feel weird when you realize how time has passed so quickly? WordPress says it’s been six months since I started blogging. Six Months!!! Just half a year and I feel so blessed to be accepted into the Bloggers Community with open arms.

Hungryoungwoman has completed several milestones since she started her food journey earlier this year. The blog idea came from some lovely people who believed that I could do much better if I took this up. Hungryoungwoman is not only on Zomato, but also on TripAdvisor now! And soon, she’ll be having her own Facebook page! Oh, and did you notice the new look? 😀

So excited to share mouth watering food experiences with you guys! This is just the start, I promise you all. Stay tuned. xx

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