Are you walking towards a sweet and short future?

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It’s no surprise that restaurants with the crazy and overhyped most innovative desserts do better than others. Enter freakshakes, milk cakes, and all sweets that require you to pour chocolate fudge/caramel on them. I’m not against them at all and agree that I’ve had my fair share of molten chocolate cakes all my life (they’re really my weakness!) 

Sadly, we’ve become so reckless that we don’t mind the extra calories that are consumed just to post that “perfect” dessert on our feed. I’m thinking, is the online world really more important than our real selves?

A scroll through my Instagram feed shows an appalling figure of restaurants that have opened up recently serving only “cheat meals” in Dubai. A number of them promoting their sugar-laden desserts on social media in the form of competitions and giveaways. But are they really to blame when the public places a high demand for these treats?

Maybe a full control cannot be put, but surely being mindful of ingredients added can help make them low calorie.

Stub Sugar

A recent campaign called Stub Sugar opened my eyes to this catastrophe. The idea is to have sugar sachets designed like cigarettes to create awareness that diabetes is one of the leading problems faced by the population around the world after consumption of tobacco. Participating in this are also Aster clinics that will be giving free diabetes checkups to everyone who can SMS ‘STUBSUGAR’ to 7004. Moreover, some of these sachets will even be present in cafes and restaurant to garner more interest with the public.

I had grown up thinking that diabetes only strikes the elderly as my grandparents and ancestors suffered it during their last years. However, it takes young and old alike in its realm.

It would be difficult and downright impossible to oust sugar from our lives, but making better choices every time we dine can certainly help in the long run (indulging once in a while is okay) Think raw cacao nibs and honey in place of milk chocolate and sugar. Not too bad, right?

Let’s move towards a less sweet, but healthier future by stubbing those sugar sachets. #StubSugar

Until then, happy mindful eating! xx

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by the above-mentioned brands and campaigns. All thoughts and views expressed are my own.
3 thoughts on “Are you walking towards a sweet and short future?

  1. So much thought into this! Each time I pass through cafes and see how packed they are, I wonder how people are able to eat sugar every day with no break when we clearly know that it is not that good for us. Moderation applies to sweet treats, whether home made or outside… Somehow having been away from sugar now for three months makes me appreciate the fact that the body doesn’t actually need it for survival if filled up with much better resources… lovely share…

    1. Thank you, Rafeeda! Yes, Dubai has changed so much in the recent years and although the healthy food fad is on, people still fall for the unhealthy. Such is the lifestyle now.

    2. Congratulations on being away from it for so long. I, for one, am guilty of having a sweet tooth but try very hard to keep it in moderation

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