About Her

Hungryoungwoman is a website that serves as an online guide to dining in the U.A.E. You can find news from the latest restaurants in town to the cheapest places to dine, all under Dine Out With Her

Although not really passionate about cooking, there will be easy recipes that will often be posted in Her Kitchen Stories

Occasionally while traveling and taking a break from social media gets tiring, you’ll find posts about her travels in Travel with Her

Visiting restaurants is more of a learning experience that just eating to Sarah and she loves meeting people to know what happens behind the scenes of every dining concept.

How does Hungryoungwoman qualify as a reviewer?

Coming from India, South India to be exact, and being brought up in the U.A.E that boasts not only Middle Eastern food but also gastronomical affairs from different parts of the world, Sarah’s childhood has had culinary influences from many countries as her mom loves creating miracles in the kitchen. Also taking after her dad, who was previously in the catering business and working in the F&B industry, Sarah is eager to learn more about this industry she’s grown up knowing.

Feel free to pop in a message if you have any queries or just want to say hello 🙂

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Please note: Everyone has different perspectives when it comes to taste and food. I try to write about two different views, a guest and myself. Also, while each post looks pretty with a few pictures that serve as guidelines to how a dish looks like, all pictures are my own unless stated otherwise. As you wouldn’t appreciate if someone steals something of yours, you should understand that I wouldn’t like this either. Hence, using material should result in referencing or linking the website.


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