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Sarah Sarvath grew up in the United Arab Emirates, in a city that most would describe as the most “luxurious in the world”. She is a 20 something girl who wants to tick off every city on her bucket list. You can win her over with a cup of coffee and a thrilling read to go with it!

Hungryoungwoman is a Dubai travel blog started in 2015 aiming to capture and share experiences of dining and travel around the world. Choosing to follow Islam doesn’t have to mean visiting only Muslim friendly countries, Sarah wants to explore what the world has in offer and clear misconceptions that most people have about Muslims in general.

Hungryoungwoman ranges from travel guides and tips, food news, to easy recipes to try. Since 2015, the blog has only grown with loyal readers who appreciate good food and travel tips like Sarah, the content creator of the blog.

Started as a way of writing about her restaurant visits following one bad experience while dining at Nandos’s, Hungryoungwoman has just grown with Sarah from 2015.

Working behind the screen as the writer, editor, proofreader, and social media specialist for Hungryoungwoman, this website has been her outlet to let her passion for writing, traveling, and photography grow.


1. Why “Hungryoungwoman”?

She may (or may not!) have been inspired by the phrase “angry young man” (Indians/ Bollywood buffs will get this) but it seemed like the right name that totally suited her!

2. What is Sarah’s favorite color?

PINK! And that’s why you can see it on the website ๐Ÿ™‚

3. How can you reach her?

Sarah is mostly active on Instagram (@sarahsarvath) or you can simply send her an email on hungryoungwoman@gmail.com

4. What does she do apart from blogging?

When she’s not photographing and working on this UAE blog, Sarah is dreaming of completing her never-ending bucket list, trying to catch up on the latest reads, or sipping coffee at a cafe!

5. How can you work with Sarah?

If you would like to do a project or have a collaboration idea, email hungryoungwoman@gmail.com

Feel free to pop a message if you want to know her or just want to say helloย ๐Ÿ™‚

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Until then, keep reading! xx


Please note: Everyone has different perspectives when it comes to taste and food. I try to write about two different views, a guest and myself. Also, while each post looks pretty with a few pictures that serve as guidelines to how a dish looks like, all pictures are my own unless stated otherwise. As you wouldnโ€™t appreciate if someone steals something of yours, you should understand that I wouldnโ€™t like this either. Hence, using material should result in referencing or linking of the website.

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