A Tasty and Healthy Alternative: Soulfull

I was recently invited to Soulfull for a meetup organised by Zomato. Soulfull is located in the Emirates Financial Towers, DIFC. It also has another branch in Abu Dhabi. What I loved about the restaurant, is that it promotes a healthy concept, while also being socially responsible by contributing unsold items to charity.

We were presented with an extensive menu. And by that, I mean a six course meal! We were taken to the kitchen upon entering, where the owner, Mr. Tamer Ali and the head chef demonstrated a tutorial of their best selling salads! A very informative show it was, where we got to learn the different types of greens! Something that I don’t usually pay attention to.


Prior to our grand meal, we were served a Mango Ginger Limonata. This cocktail was a delight! As much as I love mango, I wasn’t too sure of the ginger. But this one blew me off! Especially since it was so hot outside. A perfect refreshing drink, I must say!

  Our first course was an option between a lentil soup or a pumpkin with ginger soup. I decided to go for the latter ( as it is something I haven’t tried before ). I don’t usually prefer pumpkin, but this was made into a creamy soup that had a hint of ginger. The best part is, the ginger did not overpower the soup.

For starters, we were served Grilled Mushroom stuffed with artichokes and Quinoa Bruschetta. First, I would love to appreciate how beautiful these dishes looked. Soulfull certainly deserves a 10/10 for presentation.Coming to the taste, the mushrooms were perfect, the artichokes placed on top were perfectly grilled. The cheese with sauce on the top most layer did the trick, by giving it a wonderful flavor. The bruschettas, on the other hand, were topped with tomatoes and quinoa. I didn’t like them as much as I liked the former dish, as I felt there was just to much of tomato here. They could probably try to add another vegetable or a sauce to balance the tomatoes.



We, then had our salads placed in front of us. And, I must admit, we were spoilt for choice here, as there were not two or three, but five salads to try! Kale Halloumi and Chicken Salad, Steak Salad with dry fig and Blue Cheese, Pumpkin Feta Salad ( these were the ones demonstrated to us ) with Mediterranean Quinoa and Fattouchna.


My favorite was, the Kale Halloumi and Chicken Salad. I’m not a fan of salads as such, but this one was an exception. The others didn’t do much for me, so I chose to eat their toppings that were much better. Namely, the steak and quinoa. A special mention to the Fattouchna here. The presentation was super cute! With spiral toasted pita as toppings.


Coming to the fourth course, which was REAL food. Finally! We had wraps and sandwiches brought to us. These were Halloumi, Charcoal Chicken, Steak Sandwich and Roast Beef with Frittata. The Charcoal chicken was a clear winner here, it had grilled chicken, parmesan cheese and guacamole. About the roast beef with frittata, there was just something about it that I did not enjoy.


The Mains and Grills! This was the part I was looking forward to, but sadly I was already too full 🙁


We were served Fussili with Shrimps, Yakisoba, Mix Grill, Peri-peri Chicken and Grilled Salmon. The fussili was a let down, the shrimps did not complement it well. Also, it tasted too bland, a sauce would be good. The chicken was shaped in a heart, with peri peri sauce served on the side, this also was mediocre. The chicken was good as a separate, but the sauce had a sweetish flavor. Some spices would do good.


What I liked from this course, was the Yakisoba. It was a joy to have! The beef with the sauce and noodles, was perfect! And I can’t believe it is healthy!


Lastly, for desert, we had the sweet energy bites and raspberry cake. The energy bites were in three flavors ( matcha, cranberry and dark chocolate ) I, obviously loved the chocolate one. The cranberry was chewy and filled with oats and dates, and I quite liked that. The matcha ( Green tea ), on the contrary, was filled with coconut. I quite didn’t like that. This again, is my personal opinion.


After all that we had eaten, it was just to hard to have more food. But, being the glutton I am, I devoured the cake almost immediately. The Raspberry cake was topped with bread crumbs and had alternative layers of yogurt and raspberry underneath. A perfect alternative to cheesecake! And a healthier one too!


The service at this place is impeccable, with the servers always being there when needed. Also, from the demo class, I could see that the chefs here are passionate about what they create and they rightfully impress their customers.

I would like to thank Zomato for inviting me try Soulfull. This restaurant breaks the misconception that healthy food is boring and bland. Instead, it can be made tasty if cooked with the right ingredients. Also, I would like to thank Pallavi for inviting me, and help me meet foodies who share my passion! Looking forward to more meetups in the future!

Discaimer: I was invited here as a guest, but my reviews remain unbiased.

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