A Taste of Armenia at Mayrig

Don’t we all just love restaurants that have a laid back atmosphere? Places that you can visit with friends and family alike. Also, places that boast authentic cuisines are so much cooler than the usual fast food joints. One such place was Mayrig. Serving dishes right from Armenia, they have a lovely history behind the restaurant’s recipes, which were handed down by the owner’s grandmother.




Mayrig has a very cosy vibe, with dim lighting and soft music playing in the background, one can almost feel at home. They also have outdoor seating, something I’m going to love in the coming months, and a shisha place for those who like having a little smoke after a meal.





Our kind server, Sako, took us through a journey of delectable food and was generous enough to explain each dish and the story behind it. For our family of five, we ordered a Salad Sampler, Hommos Missov, Vaspov and Mayrig Keufteh, Lahme Beajine, Soubeureg and Mante



Our drinks included a Jallab, a berry drink, Mayrig speciality and a Passion fruit based drink. Forgive me for not remembering the names of many dishes. They’re named the Armenian way too.


One of the first few starters were the Armenian sausages, served with vegetables and yoghurt. These were sausages wrapped in bread, but came across as dry. I didn’t quite like them with the yoghurt too. They can try serving a different sauce, or maybe that’s just me.



Since I don’t prefer raw meat, I asked for their potato and Lentil keufteh. These are served with their respective sauces and are hand-made. Sadly, I didn’t favour them much either.


Coming to what we liked, Lahme Beajine, a thin pastry with minced meat. This is almost like a thin pizza, no sauce required. It tastes best the way it is. We loved it so much, that we couldn’t stop ourselves from ordering another one! 😉


An eggplant filled with rice and tomatoes, topped with yoghurt was one of our favourites.


Trying quail eggs for the first time here, Hungryoungwoman was not disappointed. Similar to the usual Eggs Benedict, minus the hollandaise sauce, this egg was complemented with a slice of beef and bread underneath.



Our main course consisted of Fishnah Kebab, this dish was basically kebabs with wild cherries. This was something that I was new to, and I loved it. The sweetness of the cherries went oddly well with the kebab. If you want to go for something different, do try cherries with kibbeh. They are served with yoghurt, which tones down the sweetness of the cherries.


We were also recommended to try the tiger prawns. Grilled perfectly and served with rice and curry, this was mom’s favourite.


The Mante, which were minced meat dumplings were a delight to watch. I really liked how the dumplings were first drenched in tomato sauce and then smothered with yoghurt. (Click link to watch video)


After a heavy and happy meal, we settled down for dessert. Banirov mamoul is a soft biscuit filled with warm cheese, served with sugar syrup on the side. Frankly, I think it tasted better without the syrup. The cheese inside was so mouth wateringly delicious. The best part was, it wasn’t too sweet, so a person can easily have around two or three of these.


Ashta Ice-cream is a dessert bowl served cotton candy and the Armenian speciality ice cream. Nothing too good, not bad either.


I really like the fact that the service is good here, and its perfect for those days when you want to try something new. Hungryoungwoman recommends the Jallab, Mante, Fishnah Kebab and Banirov Mamoul.

Until next time. xx

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Disclaimer: Though I was a guest at Mayrig, all opinions expressed are my own and they stand honest and unbiased.

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