A Cheesy Meal – Maward Patisserie, Uptown Mirdif

Let me tell you a story. A beautiful story about chocolate and cheese, who strived to be together but couldn’t until they were joined in the kitchen of Maward Patisserie.


Note: This post is for all dessert lovers, especially those who are kunafa addicts like me.

Maward Patisserie is located at Uptown Mirdif Mall. Amidst cafes like Starbucks, this quaint little dessert place definitely stands out. Taking advantage of the weather, we saw the crowd was mainly seated outdoors. While I moved in. (Cons of wanting to get good shots!)

The shop has a small menu featuring many Arabic delicacies. The waiters are not very helpful with the menu, but the pictures definitely helped. Soon, a Pistachio Kunafa, Nutella Kunafa, Nutella Cupcake, along with other varieties was placed in front of me.


This was my favorite from the lot. Like how old is gold, the traditional version drenched in sugar syrup was cheesy and sweet. The pistachios provided a nice flavor too.


The Nutella Kunafa was another hit! The chocolate and cheese went perfectly together. Not too sweet also. You can give the sugar syrup a miss here.

Lastly, my list of favorites concluded with their popular Nutella Cupcake. Replace this with the trending chocolate fondant! The thick chocolate oozed out when the cake was cut through. Sprinkled on top are pistachios to give it an extra oomph.


Sadly, the end was with an underwhelming milkshake. The “Number 8 Special” consisted of huge scoops of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, topped with caramel and chocolate sauce. Sounds good? But after my wonderful experience, this seemed a bit too ordinary. What’s worse was a Snickers bar in the glass which made it hard to drink.

While I had completely different experiences with the dishes, I believe Maward Patisserie should stick to what it does best – Arabic desserts.


If I’m going back: The three favored items will be ordered for sure. Maward Patisserie has found a fan in me. Writing this, I’m already craving their Pistachio Kunafa and Nutella Cupcake. A tip would be to have your Instagram account handy to show pictures of what you want. It could get a bit difficult communicating with the servers.

Until then, happy eating! xx
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