Dining at Ronda Locatelli

This wasn’t our first time at Atlantis, The Palm, we are no strangers to its impeccable hospitality and its grand aura, yet every visit is always like the first time.

This time we were dining at Ronda Locatelli, which is under the acclaimed Michelin star Chef Giorgio Locatelli. Swatches of brown and orange decorate the place, and the ambiance is somewhat still and a little uncomfortable. Fortunately, the weather is pleasing outside and we decide to settle there.

We order some fried prawns which are as delicious as the warm and soft complimentary bread served. The main courses arrive a few minutes later, Ravioli stuffed with Ossobuco, Lasagna Al Ragu, Burrata, and Sea bass with spinach.

The burrata is exceptional and wonderfully paired with seasonal vegetables. But the winning dish is the classic Lasagna. The meat wonderfully minced and tender with a cheesy topping was definitely our favorite.

The ravioli too is stunning, however, we would have preferred the pasta to be softer.

Would you look at that #beauty? 😍

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We end with Tiramisu of course, as no Italian meal is complete without one. The soft mascarpone and ladyfingers allow us to sink into the delight completely and we’re fighting for the last bite.

If we’re going back: Ronda Locatelli is where you’d want to head to for a classic Italian affair. Although it has a lot of competitors, it would stand as a great option for a once in a time meal.

What’s your favorite fine dining restaurant in Dubai? Do let us know!

Until then, happy eating! xx


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