#BuffetsAreGoodforHealth – Manzil, Downtown Dubai

Manzil, Downtown Dubai is one of the better Iftars offered this Ramadan (priced at AED 170) for an authentic and royal affair. We visited the hotel last year during the Holy Month and my thoughts are only on the basis of keeping that as a comparison. Continue reading “#BuffetsAreGoodforHealth – Manzil, Downtown Dubai”

Does Tresind impress?

I have to say, in the debate of buffet vs set menu, the latter surely wins for me.

This time, I headed to Tresind for a Suhoor menu, located at Nassima Royal Hotel after a kind invite from Fasseeha. Yes, this was a first for me. I have never accepted late night invites previously and well, I’m quite open to these now… Continue reading “Does Tresind impress?”

Iftar at Lafayette Gourmet

I usually keep to myself and family during Ramadan and try to not over indulge in outside food. Cause spending time with family and friends is what iftars are about right? And what better way to do this than home cooked food? Continue reading “Iftar at Lafayette Gourmet”

Aseelah – the new Emirati kid in town

A lot of Emirati ventures have been coming up, and joining the scene is Aseelah. Located in Old Dubai, Radisson Blu Dubai Creek boasts an excellent view of the waters and a great location to head for a ride after your meal. Continue reading “Aseelah – the new Emirati kid in town”

Iftar at Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor

It is always a pleasure to dine with fellow bloggers and JivewithDeepti brought us together to the perfect location; Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor.

Always a fan and a dedicated follower of the Masterchef series, my joy knew no bounds and I accepted the invite almost too immediately. Continue reading “Iftar at Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor”

Beet Froyo Recipe

After my recent post about Beetroot Milk, I decided to move on to a different dairy product. This time, yoghurt.

Summer is approaching and all you want to do is sip those cool sodas and have ice creams. But what if I have a better and guilt-free option in mind? Something that looks greeaattt too? (Read: Pink in color) Continue reading “Beet Froyo Recipe”