Burger or Lobster?

Some of the newly opened restaurants in DIFC led us to the UK import, Burger and Lobster. Situated in Burj Daman building, also home to Artisan by Enoteca Pinchiorri and Carnival by Tresind (the latter still yet to open), the location was a bit difficult since it isn’t listed on the map.

The side of the entrance is lined with tanks of live lobsters, a little eerie to see your food alive right before you eat it. Enter a rustic area with wooden tables and dim lighting. Continue reading “Burger or Lobster?”

Beetroot Milk

I’ve been obsessed with beetroot/beets lately. Just the colour of the odd brownish vegetable inside makes me go oohing and aahing!

And, they’re perfect for a salad, dessert or even juice! I came across a recipe recently that promised a glass every morning would keep you as “healthy as ever”. And lines like these…are things I usually fall for. Be it fad diets/ crash diets or metabolism boosting ways, Sarah is always there to test it. Continue reading “Beetroot Milk”

A Meaty Meal – Butcher Shop and Grill

The Butcher Shop and Grill originated in South Africa and has outlets across Middle Eastern countries. Dubai houses the restaurant chain at Mirdif City Centre, Mall of the Emirates, JBR, and City Walk.

We visited a very busy Butcher Shop and Grill on a weekend to find there were no tables to sit. After a short wait, we were led to a corner table that provided a full view of the restaurant. Continue reading “A Meaty Meal – Butcher Shop and Grill”

Best Fries in Dubai And Where to Find Them

Hungryoungwoman is back with the best Fries in Dubai! I believe a meal is only complete when there is a perfect side course added to it. This can literally make or break your experience. Therefore, here we are, to help you with that!

These fries have been judged on the basis of their crispiness and the ingredients added. So these are not the usual fries guys! Continue reading “Best Fries in Dubai And Where to Find Them”

Homemade Almond Milk

Most of the recipes I find online contain Almond Milk. Be it smoothies, puddings, and even bread! Almond Milk is not only a perfect alternative to those who are lactose intolerant, but it is also known to keep your weight in check.

Of late, I’ve been trying to get rid of some of those wretched pounds I’ve gained due to my current lifestyle. Hard being a food blogger ain’t it? And for someone who can’t go without coffee, milk is essential. (I have my coffee with milk, obviously) Continue reading “Homemade Almond Milk”

Best Onion Rings in Dubai

Leaving the debate between what’s better; onion rings or fries, I have decided to do a roundup of the best of both! Yes! Cause life’s too short to be contemplating what you love more. So, why not both?

I was a fries person before, but visiting some of the restaurants below has me converted to a lover of onion rings. 😀 Continue reading “Best Onion Rings in Dubai”

For Lazy Days – Paavo’s Pizza

Although I’ve tried Paavo’s Pizza before and didn’t LOVE it, I still seem to be going back. One, there’s a branch just five minutes from my place which makes it an AMAZING option to order in. And two, they allow half and half of different flavours on a pizza making it an immediate favourite of my family with different tastes. Continue reading “For Lazy Days – Paavo’s Pizza”

A Year and 128 Posts Later…

It is with great pleasure that I announce the first birthday of my baby!

IMG_4385A blog that happened by accident (too much time on my hands), which later turned into a hobby and finally a part-time job! Yes, this is how I would describe the journey of Hungryoungwoman in short. Taking inspiration from veteran Bollywood actor’s, Amitabh Bachchan, persona “angry young man”, this title (after altering) was befitting my personality. Continue reading “A Year and 128 Posts Later…”

Donelli Sparkling Juice

This post may seem different to you, it’s not about a restaurant nor a recipe. But it is a beverage that I happened to come across lately. Continue reading “Donelli Sparkling Juice”

The Media Lounge (TML) – Dubai Media City

Tucked between the high rise buildings in Dubai Media City exists a hidden gem that goes by the name The Media Lounge. Clients of Yalla Eat, an upcoming food ordering website, The Media Lounge were welcoming hosts to my guest and me. Continue reading “The Media Lounge (TML) – Dubai Media City”