Happiness Comes In Small Packages – The Gingerbread Box

Everyone loves surprises! Especially those that include sweet treats. Yes, they might not be good for your body, but a little treat sometimes doesn’t hurt, does it?

I have a major sweet tooth and people who know me well know how I become during the last course of any meal. Dessert can be what I start and end my day with….every day.

So last week I received a little box of goodness that contained goodies from FIVE different places. Yes, all in one box. So well, my morning was made! 😀

The Gingerbread Box (TGB) is a premium sweet treats subscription box created with love to delight every sweet tooth in the UAE. TGB is designed to satisfy the most ridiculous of cravings.

A different box tailor-made for each month, the month of April included some healthy and some sinfully delicious pleasures.

My box contained:

  • Rose Shortbread Cookies from Zoe’s Kitchen
  • Gluten Free Brownies from Oushe
  • Zucchini Chia Cake from Barsalata
  • Russian Tea Cake from Baker and Spice
  • Rock Candy from CandyME

Wonderfully designed, the Rose Shortbread Cookies HAD to be my favourite! Soft and almost delicate, these thrills had a beautiful fragrance of rose. The taste was enhanced too and had the exact amount of sweetness there should be.

Next were the soft and sinful brownies that provided a “melt-in-your-mouth” experience, literally. I think I would definitely go for these again!

The cake slice from Barsalata felt a little too small as I almost gulped it down in some time. It was very hard to believe there was either zucchini or chia in it. Or that it was healthy for any matter.

@thegingerbreadbox review now up #ontheblog 😃 Pictured here is the #Russian #teacake from @bakerandspiceme

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While the tea cake was fantastic, I felt it paled a bit in comparison to the above-mentioned desserts. The same goes for the Rock Candy which I wasn’t a very big fan of.

The Gingerbread Box might be the perfect way to keep check of the calories you’re consuming in a month. Subscription packages are monthly, three or six months with prices ranging from AED 89-99 per month (shipping included!)


Contact info@thegingerbreadbox.com for more information! 😀


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