Homemade Burger Recipe: Baked Oat Burgers

Do you just have that feeling when it’s a Friday night and you want to settle in with a movie and a nice meal? But worried about how you don’t want to choose something that’s high in fat? I have a great homemade burger recipe for you that’s sure to trick you into thinking you are eating fast food!  Continue reading “Homemade Burger Recipe: Baked Oat Burgers”

A Canadian Treat! – Weslodge, JW Marriott Marquis

Weslodge recently opened its doors to the public at JW Marriott Marquis, Business Bay. The opening was much awaited after the grand preview held for the media which served just a trailer of what the menu really offers. Since I couldn’t make it to the preview, I bagged a reservation on its second day! Yes, blogger advantages! Continue reading “A Canadian Treat! – Weslodge, JW Marriott Marquis”

Chef Stefano’s Table at Sicilia, Movenpick Ibn Battuta Gate

I have to say, I know quite little about the Movenpick hotels. The fact that I only got to know one existed as Ibn Battuta Gate when an invite popped into my inbox, bears testament to it.  Continue reading “Chef Stefano’s Table at Sicilia, Movenpick Ibn Battuta Gate”

At The “Hub” – Mozzo Centrale, Umm Suqeim

Mozzo Centrale, meaning “central hub”, is a restaurant aiming to offer an Italian culinary affair for its guests. I recently came to know of this place when an invite popped into my inbox. It’s perfectly located at Umm Suqeim, an area that is fast becoming popular for its restaurants. Continue reading “At The “Hub” – Mozzo Centrale, Umm Suqeim”

Tiramisu With A Twist! (Non-Alcoholic)

How many of us have tried making Tiramisu before and have failed miserably? I sure have my hand up. The mixture is always too thin or too thick.

And does your coffee seem to lose itself providing no flavour at all? Yes, happened to me too. Continue reading “Tiramisu With A Twist! (Non-Alcoholic)”

The Perfect Host – Hosteria, JLT

I’ve been visiting a lot of Italian restaurants lately. And like how “with experience comes knowledge”, I have learnt to distinguish between the authentic and the…not so authentic ones. Continue reading “The Perfect Host – Hosteria, JLT”

Celebrating Norooz at Shabestan, Radisson Blu Hotel

I’ve been to Radisson Blu, Deira Creek so many times now that it’s become sort of like a second home.

The place boasts various highlights – restaurants of different cuisines, hospitable service and a gorgeous view of the Creek. You can even head down to the Abra for a little ride after your meal. Continue reading “Celebrating Norooz at Shabestan, Radisson Blu Hotel”

Happiness Comes In Small Packages – The Gingerbread Box

Everyone loves surprises! Especially those that include sweet treats. Yes, they might not be good for your body, but a little treat sometimes doesn’t hurt, does it?

I have a major sweet tooth and people who know me well know how I become during the last course of any meal. Dessert can be what I start and end my day with….every day. Continue reading “Happiness Comes In Small Packages – The Gingerbread Box”

The Eatalian Way – Eataly, DFC

How do you guys feel about visiting restaurants located in malls? I feel they’re best for stopping by during your shopping hours for a quick bite. Or someplace you’d want to head to when you’re in for an extremely casual meal. Continue reading “The Eatalian Way – Eataly, DFC”

Does Farzi Cafe Live Up To The Hype?

I won’t start by answering the question right away, but rather, let you decide.

A group of bloggers and me were invited to the preview of Farzi Cafe a couple of weeks ago. This was before it opened its doors to the public on 30th March. The event was conducted by the founders of FoodeMag – Ishita Saha and Debbie Rogers. Continue reading “Does Farzi Cafe Live Up To The Hype?”