Savoury Oats

If you’d thought that I had quit the healthy food diet, you were wrong. Well, it’s hard to stick to it when you’re eating out, but I try to eat healthy as much as possible.

If you’ve been following my website, you’d have noticed how fond I am of oats. So here I have another recipe that uses oats differently! Yes, this recipe is sure to make you crave it once you’ve read through. Continue reading “Savoury Oats”

A Taste of Italy – Sapori Di BiCE, Citywalk

Citywalk has recently expanded to create a Phase 2. Although it’s been around for quite some time, I hadn’t had the opportunity to visit the place up until now.

Sapori Di BiCE stands amongst the throng of restaurants situated at Citywalk. There are quite a few cuisines available and the area resembles The Walk at JBR or the more recent development – Boxpark. Continue reading “A Taste of Italy – Sapori Di BiCE, Citywalk”

The Art of Brunch – Fountain, Movenpick Hotel

I love afternoon brunches. It’s a great time to settle down with family and catch up with their lives, something which is so hard nowadays considering how everybody is turning into a workaholic! Continue reading “The Art of Brunch – Fountain, Movenpick Hotel”

Smokin’ Hot – Big Smoke Burger, Al Safa

I am a huge fan of burgers. Ask me to have a burger every day, and I’d do so gladly. So when invites to American burger places arrive, you can say that I am more than a happy person. Continue reading “Smokin’ Hot – Big Smoke Burger, Al Safa”

A Cheesy Meal – Maward Patisserie, Uptown Mirdif

Let me tell you a story. A beautiful story about chocolate and cheese, who strived to be together but couldn’t until they were joined in the kitchen of Maward Patisserie. Continue reading “A Cheesy Meal – Maward Patisserie, Uptown Mirdif”

Mazina, Address Dubai Marina

This wasn’t my first time visiting Address Dubai Marina, but this place still wows me. The interiors, plush seating, kind staff, and the squeaky clean floors speak volumes about the hotel. Continue reading “Mazina, Address Dubai Marina”

Not “Just” Salads

I’ve tried Just Salad before and wasn’t displeased, so this time, wouldn’t be different either…or so I thought. The last experience was a home delivery so this was the first time I walked into its actual outlet. The place is rather small and can just fit in about 5-6 people. Luckily, though, they have an outdoor seating area which proved helpful due to the perfect weather outside. Continue reading “Not “Just” Salads”

“Wan Wan Coco Ful Baskit”- Jamaica Blue, Hyatt Place

“Wan wan coco ful baskit”, simply means to slow down till you reach your goal. And, that is what Jamaica Blue believes in. Located in around eight locations in Dubai now, this café (now an all day breakfast eatery) has surely got what it takes to be the next place to unwind. Continue reading ““Wan Wan Coco Ful Baskit”- Jamaica Blue, Hyatt Place”

Bab Al Yam, Burj Al Arab

One of the best moments in a blogger’s life is when they are acknowledged to receive a special invite from one of the most well-known hotels in the country. Yes, and fortunately, that was me!

Delighted like a small child, I entered the building in all its glory, also known to be a seven-star hotel. The sail-like structure perfectly complimenting the area it’s located in; Jumeirah Beach. The interiors definitely live up to the hype. Gold and blue being the colours that adorned the carpets and reception areas. Oh! And there’s an aquarium too at the lobby!


Leaving the glitz and glam behind, we entered the ground level that looked completely different. Enter Bab Al Yam, a small and cosy area with a huge buffet counter covering the centre and sides of the restaurant. We initially expected to be served Middle Eastern food but heard that it does International cuisine. A quick question to our server, Inden, and we were told that all the restaurants located at the hotel have an Arabic name no matter what they serve.

After the drinks came in, we started towards the buffet section. It’s a little confusing, with the dessert station placed close to the entrance and starters behind. It takes around a minute to figure out what’s placed where.

Not too many items and nothing too meagre. That is what best describes the buffet. It was mostly ordinary fare, though, I had a few favourites that I went back for. First off, the grills section is something you should look out for. We ordered some beef and shrimps. Well seasoned and had a nice smoky flavour. The shrimps didn’t need any sauce to enhance its taste. Second, ask the Chef to prepare some waffles for you. Topped with salmon, sundried tomatoes, pickles and mayonnaise, the waffles are something you’ve got to try. Third, the main course offers some decent options too. My favourite being the pan seared fish and spinach and ricotta cannelloni.


The servers are quite nice and offered to bring dishes from the live section. Paired with dinner were two glasses of Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Juice with 24 Carat Gold Flakes. Something you’d want to order if you’re looking to make your meal extra special.

Bab Al Yam is located right next to the sea, so you can opt to dine outdoors with the beautiful view for the next few days. Enjoy the good weather while it’s still there!

We ended the meal with some of their delectable desserts and a cappuccino. I loved the moist carrot cake, profiteroles with custard and their chocolate tap! I had a lovely time dipping strawberries into the rich chocolate sauce.


If I’m coming back: With good things that I can count on my fingers of one hand, I don’t think I’ll be coming back for the buffet. However, I heard that they do à la carte in the afternoon, so I’d probably try that out sometime.


Bab Al Yam serves European food with Mediterranean influences. The service is exceptionally good and the servers are knowledgeable. My favourites were Shrimps and Rib Eye Steak from the Grills section and Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni from the main course side. Though, if you’re looking to impress someone, Burj Al Arab has other restaurants that might serve something better.

Until then, happy eating! xx
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The Best Burgers in Dubai

There’s got to be a list somewhere about the best burgers in Dubai, right? I mean, I’ve seen so many, but none of them match my favorites.

Burgers. Who doesn’t love them? There are two kinds of people; one, who prefer their burgers messy and loaded with almost every ingredient available (read: me), and the others, who are perfectly okay with burgers stuffed with the appropriate number.  Continue reading “The Best Burgers in Dubai”