A Peruvian Affair at the Garden, JW Marriott Marquis

U.A.E. has introduced many cuisines to its dining scene these past five years. Entering the crowd are some like Ethiopian and Peruvian. The latter has been peaking my interest from quite some time now. Already offering this are some well-known places such as Coya, Tesoro, and Toro Toro. Continue reading “A Peruvian Affair at the Garden, JW Marriott Marquis”

Yum Cha at China Club, Radisson Blu

It may be a bit too late to celebrate the Chinese New Year, but this visit was about two weeks ago. China Club, located in Radisson Blu, Deira, offered us a culinary experience that we’re bound to remember. And something that I would go back for.


The hotel is not too huge itself but boasts quite a few restaurants. China Club is located right at the end of the lobby. Upon entering, we felt that we’ve chanced upon Chinatown. Not that it was bustling or street like, but the calm serenity that is present when you visit a shrine was felt.

We were greeted by a lady wearing a kimono, who ushered us to our table. The restaurant is enough to seat about 100-150 people, with tables for large groups as well. The ambiance here is just perfect for anyone who wants to relax and take a night out. Our drinks were brought in soon; Pina Colada, Watermelon Juice, and Fruit Punch. These were served in huge glasses, but be warned! You wouldn’t want to fill yourself up with these as there’s lots more to follow.


A special set menu was curated for the occasion which consisted of a four-course menu. Another set menu which is part of their daily promotion was presented before us, this included a variety of dim sum and noodles for just AED 139 per person. The Chinese New Year menu started with some cold appetizers and a Wild Mushroom soup which were nothing to write home about.

Moving on, our main course consisted of Tiger Prawns with Szechuan Sauce. Stir Fried Beef with Vegetables, Deep Fried Fish Fillet in Black Bean Sauce, and Egg fried rice.


A special mention for the fried fish fillets here. In spite of being drenched in sauce, the fish seemed quite crispy and went well with the gravy. The tiger prawns were also something to remember, a big portion of a well seasoned and grilled plate.

Now, let’s talk about the one that really pleased me – the dim sum menu. A trolley with all types of dim sum, be it steamed of fried, stuffed with chicken, mutton, prawn – you name it! It wasn’t too long until the table had no space for our drinks. Being a lover of dumplings, it was a treat to my eyes – and my tummy. If I could pick a few favourites they’d definitely be the Crispy Fried Prawns, Lamb Rib in Black Bean Sauce, steamed chicken and shrimps dumplings, and fried noodles.

After a very stuffed and fulfilling meal, we ordered our desserts. Coconut Cream with Sago Pearls, Mango Pudding with strawberries, and Fried Ice Cream. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to go very well with me. Somewhat mediocre thus we didn’t go through with them.

Mango Pudding with Strawberries

Since it was a weekday, the restaurant was mostly empty, with around 2-3 tables occupied, therefore, we had a lot of attention on us. The service was quite good with servers coming in to check with us timely.


If I’m coming back: The Dim sum set menu is quite a steal for AED 139 inclusive of non-alcoholic beverages. The portions may be small but you can always ask for more. This is one restaurant you’ll surely leave with a full stomach so come with a big appetite!

Book here at The China Club

Until then, happy eating! xx
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Maple and Hot Chocolate Overnight Oats

Valentine’s came by a few days ago. Though I didn’t have any plans, I enjoyed the day working on not one, but two overnight oats recipes! You all know my love for oats and how they are so versatile and can be added to almost anything. Continue reading “Maple and Hot Chocolate Overnight Oats”

Zomato Meetup Serendipity 3

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve barely had time to catch up with my social media handles and blog posts. Hopefully, I’ll be posting more than before, keeping myself balanced with at least 2 posts a week. Continue reading “Zomato Meetup Serendipity 3”


Shakshouka is originally a Tunisian dish, that is often mistaken for Middle Eastern food. Made with tomatoes as the basic ingredient and eggs that are poached or cooked sunny side up, this dish is also one of those that you can add anything into and it will turn out just fine. Continue reading “Shakshouka”

Grills and BBQ at Al Bustan Residence

Al Bustan Residence, located in Old Dubai, Al Nahda to be specific, recently introduced a promotion exclusively for grills and barbecues. On the menu were a range of kebabs and tikkas, which left us confused as to what to order. We finally settled for Fattoush as starters with Mix Grill and Fish Tikka. These were washed down with some drinks prepared in-house.


The Fattoush was fresh and topped with roasted pita bread. They came in small bowls that were perfect for one person. The Mix Grill was accompanied with a Hummus, Arabic bread, and Tahina sauce. While the fish tikka came with some Indian naan and green chutney. Both of these were of a decent portion which would be enough for two people, considering how the side dishes seemed to fill the table up with no space to accommodate for other meals.

I really liked the fish tikka. The fish was juicy and soft and went well with both Green chutney and Tahina sauce. The Mix Grill, on the other hand, was a bit dry. The plate had pieces of sheesh tawook, malai tikka, fries, with some barbecued vegetables.


But the whole deal was definitely not bad for the prices mentioned on the menu. Each dish ranged from AED 30-40 with a sizeable portion that two people can easily share. Though the ambiance of the place is lost due to it being located in a food court, the site can still be used as guests for their meals. Or better, order room service!

Have you tried dining at Al Bustan Residence? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Until then, happy eating! xx

Healthy Banana Pancakes

February 9th is marked as World Pancake Day for reasons I’m not really sure of. But if it’s something related to food, then I’m on it! I decided to make use of this opportunity to create healthy pancakes using just 2 ingredients! Trust me, you will fall in love with these, and the best part is they’re so versatile that you can add whatever you want and they’d still taste oh so good… Continue reading “Healthy Banana Pancakes”

New Menu Launch at Friday’s

Friday’s at Dubai Mall held an event for bloggers on Thursday, where new items from their menu were launched. These featured a range of apple hickory smoked dishes. Continue reading “New Menu Launch at Friday’s”

Sneak Peek Dinner At La Tablita, Hyatt Regency

I am a big fan of Spanish or Texmex food and when I was invited to sample the menu of La Tablita, my joy knew no bounds. La Tablita is located at the new Hyatt Regency, Umm Hurair. Continue reading “Sneak Peek Dinner At La Tablita, Hyatt Regency”

Health Factory Diaries

Didn’t write yesterday and decided to combine both posts cause well, people just get busy with life. Today I had to cover an event in Dubai Mall, details of which will be posted soon on the blog!

Anyway, if you’ve had the time, you must have seen how I’ve been into eating healthy nowadays. Because of which, I’ve posted a few healthy recipes of mine too. Go have a look on the homepage.

Getting back to topic, here’s how my two days of meals from Health Factory fared:

Breakfast – Chicken Tikka sandwich for Day 4. I was finally relieved to have something different from the past three days of egg whites for breakfast. The sandwich tasted just right and had a little spice too. Something that was missing in the past few meals.


On Day 5, I had Fruit and Nut Pancakes with Fruttolo Yoghurt. And damn, these were good. The pancakes were soft and dry on their own, but accompanied with the yoghurt and they taste delicious. Health Factory also gives me an extra 100 calories of mixed nuts, which I decided to top this dish with.

Lunch – I was very satisfied with my seafood risotto accompanied with broccoli salad and a mango smoothie for an afternoon snack.


I didn’t have the meal sent on Day 5 as it was my cheat meal! And, also covering an event as mentioned above. Though, my sister who tasted it thought it was quite well done and filling. Th paprika chicken was a good combination with brown rice and veggies.


Dinner – For Day 4, my dinner consisted of vegetarian enchiladas and a mushroom soup. A comforting dinner indeed.

Day 5 ended with a French-dip Steak Sandwich. The beef seemed a bit hard and I couldn’t finish it.

The great part is, I’ve already started seeing changes in myself. I’ve managed to lose 1 kg by just eating 1300 calories a day and a little walking in less than a week! Hoping to continue this and reach my target weight.

Until then, happy eating! xx