It just felt like the start of December, and we’re welcoming the new year already. Time does fly pretty fast!

2015 was a great one for me, I learnt a lot about different palates and cuisines. Became more adventurous, tried things that I wouldn’t have thought of. I grew so much, mentally and emotionally. There were good and bad times. But what I’ll cherish, are the good memories associated with this year.

A big thank you to all my readers and supporters AND all the friends I made in the blogosphere. I couldn’t have done it without you.

As every person has their “new year, new me” resolutions, I have some too. I will try to write more, cook more (hope to stick to this one!), experiment more and learn more. As this is what matters.

I will promise to make memories.

Happy eating and have a wonderful new year! 😀

Three’s A Charm – TRE, Nassima Royal

As everyone’s gearing up for New Year’s, the celebration also comes with deciding where to head with your loved ones.

I had the opportunity to dine at TRE last week, and I can assure you, this might be one of the places you might want to visit. The restaurant has three floors, in Nassima Royal Hotel. Located conveniently on Sheikh Zayed Road, it’s hard to miss while driving. Continue reading “Three’s A Charm – TRE, Nassima Royal”

A Meaty Meal at The Hide, Al Qasr

The latest steakhouse to join the Dubai dining scene is none other than The Hide. And what a wonderful place to open up! Al Qasr, which means ‘the palace’, is beautifully decorated. With low chandeliers and all things gold, The Hide kind of stood out of place.


Although, locating the restaurant was pretty easy and we were ushered in immediately. Walk in, and you can almost feel like you’re no longer under the dim gold lights of Al Qasr. The interiors include a lot of leather, and being a steakhouse, the menu is meaty, so obviously not a place recommended to vegetarians.



Our friendly host took us through the menu, giving her suggestions with every dish. We finally settled down for a Hot Artichoke Dip and Lobster Roll. From their meat market, we chose The Hide “Manwich”, and a Tenderloin from their dry aged beef selection.

The beef from The Hide is specially brought in from Spain, and they specialize in dry aged beef. This involves hanging the beef to dry for up to 14-21 days.


The Artichoke Dip is a must try for someone who’s a fan of cheese. Though the flavours aren’t quite distinct, the menu said it included four types of cheese. I liked the idea of dipping vegetables into it, sort of like a cheese fondue.

Lobster Roll
“Manwich” and bun topped with Vintage Red Cheddar

Sadly, the Lobster Roll was forgettable, which made me question why I even ordered it in the first place. Same could be said for the “Manwich”. A perfect example of “don’t judge a book by its cover”. The pictures online looked great, but it didn’t taste the same. Made with smoked brisket, Iberico beef, dill pickles and two eggs sunny side up, it, unfortunately, did not taste good, even with these ingredients. Also included was a bun with a generous layer of vintage red cheddar.



Another recommended dish would be the dry aged beef. The tenderloin was a good portion of beef that complemented the Montreal sauce. Also served was some salad to go with the meat.

Campfire S’mores
Campfire S’mores
Cheesecake Soufflé

Like all good endings, our dessert was comforting. Campfire S’mores would be a perfect sweet for those who like marshmallows and peanut butter. I wish I could have had another helping, as I couldn’t take my hands off it. The dulce du leche, peanut butter cookies and burnt marshmallows would be a perfect sweet to have on a cold day in. We also ordered the Cheesecake Soufflé which was served warm, on the side was a small scoop of sour cherry ice cream. A nice way to play with the palate by providing sweet-tangy and hot-cold flavours.


Being a steakhouse, it looks like The Hide takes it very seriously and only sticks to what it stands for. Order their steaks, and you will be more than satisfied.

Happy eating! xx
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Back with a Bang! – Crumble

Crumble has made quite a name for itself in a short time. For those who don’t know, Crumble is the revamped version of what used to be a cafe by the name of Roti Mum. Continue reading “Back with a Bang! – Crumble”

Moshi Moshi

Update: The last time I visited Moshi was my first experience with Japanese food, sushi in short. I tried some Salmon, Prawn Tempura and their famous Cheesy Chips (Cheese and Oman chips). From my experience, I remembering longing for their Cheesy Chips sometimes. The others were a bit too hazy as I preferred not thinking back to the taste I got of the seaweed nori.

This time, the lovely Khush invited me over to try their newly introduced “Air rolls”; lettuce wraps that are used in place of nori sheets. And of course, I accepted! (Although I have gotten past the taste from my first visit and enjoy maki rolls now)


We tried a variety! Khush was sweet to feed us like a loving mother, the moment we’d get done with one dish, another would be presented. We started our drinks with a Nutella Milkshake and a Carrot Orange Juice. I loved the consistency of the milkshake, thick and chocolaty.

Getting right to the details, we tried:


Wai Wai Chat: Priced at a nominal price of AED 8, this Nepali chat has different versions. Moshi prepares it by putting in fried noodles, sliced tomatoes and onions, with their sauces.

From top left clockwise: Chicken Katsu, Thai Chicken Curry, Moshi Dynamite and Chicken Tikka
Chicken Katsu
Moshi Dynamite

Chicken Tikka: Starting with my favourite one! The Chicken Tikka was definitely something different. I loved how this is so innovative. I tried their air rolls version, and honestly, this is the way to go guys! The chicken tikka sauce on top was also quite good.

Chicken Katsu: My second favourite was the Katsu. Usually eaten as a curry in Japanese culture. I liked how they put this into maki rolls. Although the sauces can get quite heavy, but you can always ask them to provide it as a side.

Moshi Dynamite: The Dynamite is made of prawns and crab. I’m not usually a fan of crab, but I actually liked this. Reason is, you don’t quite get its taste. I felt the sauce overpowered the dish here.

Chicken Thai Green Curry: I love how Moshi is so inventive. This came as a surprise to me, as I was curious to know how it tasted. Taste wise, I felt it was comparatively mediocre to the other dishes. I also tried the air roll version, but it somehow came as a bit dry.

Chicken Thai Curry and Cheesy Chips

Cheesy Chips: We were almost too full when another platter was brought to us! And how could I say no to this? Loved the flavours of cheese and Oman chips here. This dish certainly deserves all the popularity.

Prawn Tempura (in focus) and Soft Shell Crab

Prawn Tempura: Get how I was spoiled so much here? From our third platter, we loved the Prawn Tempura. Who doesn’t love it? The crispy prawn, with the softness of the rice, was quite nice. You don’t even need to have soy sauce with this.

Soft Shell Crab: Lastly, we tried this one filled with crab. I think I’ve started liking crab now. Although in small portions.

Mutton and Prawn Momos (in focus)

Pero Pero Chiken: Next came our delicious platter of momos! I’ve already tried the Pero Pero Chicken which is served with a chilli sauce. They serve momos in three style; steamed, pan fried and fried. Opt for the steamed one in this flavour.

Out of the other options, we tried Mutton (fried), Prawn (pan fried) and Cheesy Chicken Capsicum (steamed).


After quite a heavy meal, Khush brought in the newly introduced (not on the menu yet), Sticky Fried Rice. Yes, it is made of sticky rice with chicken and egg. I seemed to be liking this as it’s different from the usual fried rice. Also, the flavour is a lot better, the chilli sauce served makes it amazing.


For dessert, we tried the Nutella Maki and their Peanut Butter Bars with my handle on it! Yay! I loved loved loved the Nutella Maki. It has to be my favourite out of the two.

Want to try out Moshi? Win a chance to visit Moshi with a guest from the giveaway offer on Instagram. (@hungryoungwoman)

All you have to do is like the Facebook page and follow Moshi on Instagram. Simple isn’t it? Also, repost and spread the word with the hashtag #hungryoungwomangiveaway (Only posts with this hashtag will be accepted)

Happy eating! xx

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Celebrating National Day with Kanpai

As everyone was looking forward to celebrating National Day this year, I was excited to be visiting this lovely restaurant located in Souk Al Bahar.


Kanpai boasts a cool vibe with a separate bar and a dining area for guests. The place has low lighting, with plush and comfortable seating. Since they had a set menu for the festival, we decided to opt for it.


Our Silver set menu comprised of Edamame and a Miso soup for starters. Our drinks were quite a variety!


From the four choices, I preferred the Piña colada and a Sangria (made with non-alcoholic red wine)

The Chef was kind enough to also serve two of their recommended items from the regular menu:


Vegetable spring rolls: These were crispy and well done, served with a tamarind chilli and soy lime dip. I personally preferred the tamarind chilli sauce that complemented the spring rolls.


Ebisabi Mayo: These fried prawns with wasabi mayonnaise, topped with thinly sliced seaweed was perhaps my favourite that night. Crunchy prawns with a sweet – sour and hot flavour of wasabi did wonders to the dish.


Then came our maki rolls decorated in the shape of the U.A.E flag. My favourite was the one topped with Philadelphia cheese. YUM! Look at how cutely this has been arranged!


Our mains arrived next, Gaeng Kiew wan Chicken and Shoyu Sa-mon. Presentation wise, the Salmon won. Garnished with micro herbs, a piece of grilled salmon sat on a layer of veggies.


But coming to the taste, the chicken won hands down! The creamy curry with chicken, lemon grass and  green curry paste went oh so well with the steamed rice. Though this may come off as a bit bland to some, we seemed to like the flavour it provided.


Lastly, the dessert was a wonderful affair at Kanpai. Customized specially for the festival, we were served a Green Tea ice cream with a macron sitting on top. There was also some popping candy sprinkled which gave a fizzy reaction on our taste buds. On the side, was an adorable card that said “I Love U.A.E”.

As our visit to Kanpai drew to an end, we were happy and satisfied knowing that this is a place that I will be visiting sooner than later. The Ebisabi prawns are to die for! Hungryoungwoman also recommends the dessert and Gaeng Kiew wan Chicken that served as great dishes.

Until next time…
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Perfect For Your Appetite

I was recently invited by Appetite – The Shop to try their delicious healthy food. Since the place closes down by 6 PM, it was proving difficult for me to personally head to their locations in Al Quoz and Business Bay. Therefore, delivery to the rescue!


The manager at Appetite was kind enough to deliver the order at my workplace. And I have to tell you, their packing is so so well done! I ordered a Mac n Cheese (wondering how this is healthy?) Cajun Chicken & Guacamole wrap and Thai Chicken Curry.


From these, my favourite was the Thai Chicken Curry. I’m not usually a fan of Thai curries, but this one was appetizing as it didn’t have that strong coconut flavour that the usual ones have. This was served on a bed of rice. The portion is quite a lot and is enough for one person if they don’t plan to eat for the next 5-6 hours.


Sadly, I found the wrap a bit too dry for my taste. It was also too big to finish and quite stuffed with a lot of chicken and cheese.


For drinks, we had the Summer Fiesta and Basil Lemonade. Quite different flavours from the usual ones I order. I preferred the Summer Fiesta more. With flavours like raspberry, blueberries, apple juice and ginger. It had a very sweet – tangy taste with the sharp flavour of ginger. Different to my taste buds, but I enjoyed it.


Lastly, for dessert, we chose a Home baked Carrot Cake and cute muffins stuffed with date paste and raisins.


Not being a fan of dates, I preferred that the least. The carrot cake made up for it, though! It reminded me of the one served at Starbucks. The cake was moist and juicy, with the walnuts providing a nice crunch in the middle.

From the pictures online,  I can see that Appetite is quite a nice place to have a piece of cake and a cup of coffee. Since it’s located in Bay Avenue, it can serve as a prime location for office goers to stop by for a quick meal.

Hungryoungwoman recommends the Thai Chicken Curry, Summer Fiesta drink, Mac n Cheese is you’re a fan of a lot of cheese (who isn’t?) and their carrot cake which is a must try!

Until next time…
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Pretty Italian – Borgo Vecchio

This restaurant probably wins the award for the prettiest dishes. The area itself is quite lovely. Located in Downtown Dubai, the place proved a bit difficult to find, but a call to the restaurant and we were headed on the right track. Continue reading “Pretty Italian – Borgo Vecchio”

Asian Night At Gloria Hotel

La Terrasse has introduced themed nights, of which we were invited to try the Asian one. Initially, I expected the menu to be limited to Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine but was happy to see a lot of other cuisines added as well. Continue reading “Asian Night At Gloria Hotel”

Jack of All, Master of None – Lakeview

Winter is finally here. I can finally rejoice the chilly mornings and warm nights in with coffee. It is also the time of the year when restaurants find most of their guests seated outdoors.

Which is why I was looking forward to my dinner at Lakeview where I was invited to try their international buffet starting from 7 PM.

Lakeview boasts an alfresco dining area with a stunning view of the creek. Placed outside is also a buffet section with live stations featuring a variety of cuisines.

We ordered our drinks and headed to the buffet. Walking through the area, I could see a salad bar, some live grills, and a mixture of Indian and Arabic food. They also had a live station for pasta, fried rice and Peking duck. And finally, the dessert counter.



The starters included cold cuts, not in the mood for that, I served some salads for myself. I also checked out the mains which seemed quite mediocre. As I got back to my table, I noticed our drinks still weren’t served. And this was after good 20-25 minutes. Even asking a waiter for water proved difficult as they behaved like they were wearing blinkers.


The live grill served kebabs, grilled prawns and some meat. This was quite good compared to the main course, so good that I kept going back for more. We also asked for a Pasta Alfredo and fried rice. While the pasta was too bland, the latter dish made up for it. The Peking Duck rolls with the suggested sauce were good too.

After a while, I noticed some cats next to our table that wouldn’t budge. Since calling a server was not an option (read above), we tried to shoo them away ourselves. Now, I’m all about being nice to animals and am a cat lover myself. But, cats roaming around in this area was quite shocking to see. Our server finally turned up and tried to get them away. “These are the pets of the people from the residence area” was the answer. Apparently, these cats just show up at people’s tables while they’re dining. No comments on this.


The dumplings were just the worst I’ve had honestly. I don’t even think they were properly steamed as the covering was raw in some places.


Next, heading to the dessert counter was something I was looking forward to. I really liked their chocolate brownies and cake. The fruit pudding was also quite good.

Overall, Lakeview serves a very average meal. I don’t know if it was just a bad day, or maybe they serve a different affair for other themes. Nevertheless, the live station and dessert counter stood out and provided some better memories of the experience.

Until next time…

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