Bentley Cafe and Boutique

This is probably going to be one of my favourite events for a very long time.

A few bloggers and I were privileged to be invited to the grand opening of Bentley Cafe and Boutique. Located in Al Habtoor Business Tower, Dubai Marina, the area since unknown to me took a while to get to. The launch of the cafe took place on 28th October. Attached to the Bentley showroom and a boutique, the cafe features nothing less than a fine dining experience. Continue reading “Bentley Cafe and Boutique”

A Taste of Armenia at Mayrig

Don’t we all just love restaurants that have a laid back atmosphere? Places that you can visit with friends and family alike. Also, places that boast authentic cuisines are so much cooler than the usual fast food joints. One such place was Mayrig. Serving dishes right from Armenia, they have a lovely history behind the restaurant’s recipes, which were handed down by the owner’s grandmother.




Mayrig has a very cosy vibe, with dim lighting and soft music playing in the background, one can almost feel at home. They also have outdoor seating, something I’m going to love in the coming months, and a shisha place for those who like having a little smoke after a meal.





Our kind server, Sako, took us through a journey of delectable food and was generous enough to explain each dish and the story behind it. For our family of five, we ordered a Salad Sampler, Hommos Missov, Vaspov and Mayrig Keufteh, Lahme Beajine, Soubeureg and Mante



Our drinks included a Jallab, a berry drink, Mayrig speciality and a Passion fruit based drink. Forgive me for not remembering the names of many dishes. They’re named the Armenian way too.


One of the first few starters were the Armenian sausages, served with vegetables and yoghurt. These were sausages wrapped in bread, but came across as dry. I didn’t quite like them with the yoghurt too. They can try serving a different sauce, or maybe that’s just me.



Since I don’t prefer raw meat, I asked for their potato and Lentil keufteh. These are served with their respective sauces and are hand-made. Sadly, I didn’t favour them much either.


Coming to what we liked, Lahme Beajine, a thin pastry with minced meat. This is almost like a thin pizza, no sauce required. It tastes best the way it is. We loved it so much, that we couldn’t stop ourselves from ordering another one! 😉


An eggplant filled with rice and tomatoes, topped with yoghurt was one of our favourites.


Trying quail eggs for the first time here, Hungryoungwoman was not disappointed. Similar to the usual Eggs Benedict, minus the hollandaise sauce, this egg was complemented with a slice of beef and bread underneath.



Our main course consisted of Fishnah Kebab, this dish was basically kebabs with wild cherries. This was something that I was new to, and I loved it. The sweetness of the cherries went oddly well with the kebab. If you want to go for something different, do try cherries with kibbeh. They are served with yoghurt, which tones down the sweetness of the cherries.


We were also recommended to try the tiger prawns. Grilled perfectly and served with rice and curry, this was mom’s favourite.


The Mante, which were minced meat dumplings were a delight to watch. I really liked how the dumplings were first drenched in tomato sauce and then smothered with yoghurt. (Click link to watch video)


After a heavy and happy meal, we settled down for dessert. Banirov mamoul is a soft biscuit filled with warm cheese, served with sugar syrup on the side. Frankly, I think it tasted better without the syrup. The cheese inside was so mouth wateringly delicious. The best part was, it wasn’t too sweet, so a person can easily have around two or three of these.


Ashta Ice-cream is a dessert bowl served cotton candy and the Armenian speciality ice cream. Nothing too good, not bad either.


I really like the fact that the service is good here, and its perfect for those days when you want to try something new. Hungryoungwoman recommends the Jallab, Mante, Fishnah Kebab and Banirov Mamoul.

Until next time. xx

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Disclaimer: Though I was a guest at Mayrig, all opinions expressed are my own and they stand honest and unbiased.

Fondue On My Mind! – The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot has a fondue concept which is not new to Dubai. Originally from the States, it opened its first franchise in Dubai about a few months back. Located in Boxpark, it boasts a cute little area among the throng of other stores situated there.





The interiors are funky, with yellow and white being the main colour theme, which will make any person cheerful when they walk in. Since I chose a Thursday night to dine in, the place was quite packed. They also have private dining areas for groups of four or six.



From the drinks, I was happy with the Yin Yang Martini (non-alcoholic of course!), the white chocolate drink was thick in consistency and quite filling.

Looking at the menu, I was amazed at how they have different types of cheese fondue, our server was kind enough to help me choose two for the table. Namely, Fiesta and French Onion Gruyère.


The tables have an inbuilt hot plate that makes it easy for you to dip in the appetizers. Beware, the pots may be too hot to touch! I liked the French Onion cheese fondue which had caramelized onions and beef. We were also given breads, nachos and veggies on the side for dipping. Being a fan of fondue, I loved the dish!



Next, I ordered a Strawberry Almond and California salad. Not really being fond of salads, I was quite sceptical before trying it. And I was glad I did! The Strawberry Almond was a winner! The raspberry dressing was fantastic. A must try definitely.



For the main course, we decided to try our hand with a variety. Some tuna, salmon, shrimps, marinated chicken and beef was brought to the table. On the hot plate was a pot of boiling broth, and we were supposed to dip our meat in for it to cook. This was probably the least favourite part for me. Waiting for it to cook was time-consuming, and there were a few times when I got my piece out a few seconds earlier than it was done cooking.



And lastly, the dessert. We chose a combination of white and dark chocolate and a Pure Chocolate. These were accompanied with strawberries, pineapples, melon, brownies and marshmallows. Dipping these in the chocolate brought out the inner child in me!


The manager was kind enough to offer us a box of their chocolate covered strawberries. Something that I devoured the next day while reminiscing about the chocolate fondue.

The Melting Pot boasts a good staff that is attentive and punctual. While many may not really like the concept, it definitely is something you should be open to try at least once. Hungryoungwoman recommends the Chocolate Fondue, Yin Yang Martini and Strawberry Almond salad.

Until next time. xx

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Disclaimer: Though I was a guest at The Melting Pot, all opinions expressed are my own and they stand honest and unbiased.

Much More Than A Steakhouse – Ruth’s Chris

Located on the swanky side of Dubai Marina, Address Hotel to be exact, Ruth’s Chris obviously manages to higher any passer-by’s expectations. With their high draped curtains and chandeliers, it makes for a perfect spot. Be it a formal or an informal meal.





I chose to start my meal with drinks for myself and my partner. I really liked my berry drink. It had the right amount of sweetness, though I would have preferred it to be a bit tart too. From the choices that the appetizers provided, we ordered Ruth’s Chop salad and Grilled Prawns.


Loved the Ruth’s Chop Salad, especially the onion rings on top that provided an extra crunch to the dish.


No words for the Grilled Prawns honestly, they didn’t even need a sauce.



For mains, we went for the Stuffed Chicken Breast and a New York Strip in a burger. My favourite here was the chicken stuffed with garlic herb cheese and lemon butter.

Watching the cheese oozing out was delightful to watch, Served on the side was creamy spinach which was quite rich. (Click on the link to watch video)


Coming to the burger, the bun could have been softer. The fries were a bit soggy, but the fillet inside made up for it. Thick, juicy and succulent.


The punctual staff brought in our dessert right after we were done with our mains. Creme Brulee and a Chocolate Coffee cake slice.


Being a coffee lover, I liked the latter dish. The chocolate and coffee with the berry sauce on the side, was a winner!


The business lunch menu at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is quite economical. Priced at 109 AED with decent portions and a three course meal, it’s a steal. Hungryoungwoman recommends the Stuffed Chicken and Chocolate Coffee Cheesecake.

Until next time. xx

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Disclaimer: Though I was a guest at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, all opinions expressed are my own and they stand honest and unbiased.

Just The Right Bite!

Too much eating out surely has a toll on your health (and weight to be precise)! Many healthy food stores have come up with menus that seem too boring to try but, The Right Bite serves the very purpose of being there for all your healthy needs and cravings!


The Right Bite is located in Jumeirah Lake Towers, a store selling healthy options to its customers. The best part is that they have an impressive variety on their menu, which almost makes you wonder if its even healthy. But fear not, under each dish a count of calories, proteins, fat and carbs are mentioned. Helpful right?


What’s better? They have chocolate on their menu too! Which is the sole reason that I’ll start with my dessert this time. I received a lovely package from the people at The Right Bite, from which my sweets included Chocolate Pecan Fudge Brownies and Rocky Road. While I loved both, I preferred the Rocky Road as it was filled with marshmallows, hazelnuts and digestive biscuits. A bit of crunch, softness and chocolate of course!


The main course was a Thai Chicken Curry accompanied with its serving of rice. The curry was aromatic with chunks of chicken, red and green peppers and baby corn.


For the starters, I was recommended a Skinny Chicken Caesar and Summer Rolls. I have to say, both the appetizers were my favourites. The salad was crunchy, you could feel the freshness of the veggies and the dressing complemented it well. As for the Summer Rolls, they were a bit bland for my taste-buds, but the sauce given was perfect with it!


All in all, a healthy and an equally delicious meal! For anyone trying The Right Bite, Hungryoungwoman recommends the Skinny Chicken Caesar, Summer Rolls and Rocky Road.

Until next time. xx

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Disclaimer: Though I was sent a package courtesy of The Right Bite, all opinions expressed are my own and they stand honest and unbiased.

An Italian Heaven at Per Te

It was my second time visiting Per Te, my first was when I decided to break my fast at the Jumeirah branch. This newly opened restaurant in Bay Avenue, Business Bay gives a welcoming impression to anyone passing by. The interiors are quite minimal, with most of the furniture containing their ingredients that are sold in the restaurant. Continue reading “An Italian Heaven at Per Te”

Customer is King – 800 Degrees Pizza, Media Event 2015

Gone are the days when you have to remove those dreadful vegetables from your pizzas, to enjoy just the meat and base. Gone are the days when you have to wait 15 mins for your pizzas to be prepared. Cause now you can customize your own pizza at 800 Degrees! And get it prepared in 90 seconds! Continue reading “Customer is King – 800 Degrees Pizza, Media Event 2015”

Partylicious with Willie’s Cacao, 2015

We all know about Candylicious in Dubai Mall. I usually make a stop there just to admire all the chocolate and their decor. There’s a good news for the candy lovers, Candylicious has opened a new unit called Partylicious where you can exclusively host parties and meet ups! Exciting right? Continue reading “Partylicious with Willie’s Cacao, 2015”

Lambda Juice

Hassan Al Khafajy Foodstuff Trading is an Emirati business that is soon launching Lambda Juice, originally from Spain. I was sent a package some weeks ago to taste these. There were six flavours to choose from, namely, Apple, Tropical, Mango, Orange, Pineapple and Peach.


Lambda Juice aims to hydrate those who look for healthy options as opposed to sugary juices in the market. What’s good is, these juices are sugar free and still manage to taste good. My favourites were the Apple, Tropical and Peach. They were fresh and quite sweet. The bottles are small and light, which allow it to easily fit in bags. Perfect for those on the run.

All in all, Lambda juices were quite liked by my family. They will be hitting the shelves soon, so keep an eye out for this one!

Thank God Its Friday!

Walking in Dubai Mall can be quite hectic, and when you pass restaurants, you feel like caving in to your hunger pangs sometimes. Don’t we all experience that?


There are a jolly good number of American franchises in Dubai and Friday’s is one of them. Since, my first and last experience had proved quite unworthy of a second visit, I ignored it as it passed us. But hearing that they revamped their menu made the foodie in me take the risk. Was it worth it?


The restaurant seemed quite full when we entered and groups of people were kept waiting. Luckily, we were just two and they managed to have a table free for us. We were first given some complimentary breads. These were freshly baked as I could see from the softness and smell of butter. Just melt in your mouth delicious.



We ordered Extreme Buffalo Chicken Tacos and my oh my, what arrived was huge! We didn’t have to order another dish, the two overly huge tacos had iceberg lettuce, chicken strips and pico de gallo stuffed in generously. Served as sides were french fries. The perfect complement to every scrumptious meal.


Not opting for chocolate this time, we chose an Oreo Madness for dessert. My first thought was how do-able this dish is. Though it tasted good, it had to! With all the Oreo and ice cream, this dessert could easily be made at home. All you would need is Oreos, ice cream and chocolate sauce to top it.

All in all, we enjoyed a heavy lunch, The portions are quite huge with very affordable prices. The servers are wonderful too, as they kept checking if we were happy with our meal (or do I have food blogger written on my face?) Either way, my experience changed the way I feel about Friday’s. Will be visiting soon next time.

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