Cleo’s Grill And Cafe – Chennai, India

My search for a multi cuisine restaurant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu lead me to Cleo’s, a cozy hideaway located in Adyar. One of my main requirements for dining out is a place that is open till late, and Cleo’s does that. They were open at about 11 PM (the time we arrived).

I quite liked the menu, it was short and sweet. Containing a small list of all the cuisines they offer, and another list for their signature dishes. Since I wanted to try all of these, we ordered a mixture. Murgh Kolhapuri, Butter Roti, Mixed Seafood Manchurian, Schezwan Veg Fried Rice and Egg Fried Rice. From the signature dishes, we asked for Cuban Barbeque Chicken and Steak Cleo’s.


The winning dish was the Steak. We were served a plate of boiled vegetables, fries and a steak covered in barbecue sauce. The meat was well done and cut through easily.


I had a lot of expectations from the Cuban Barbeque, but it failed to please me. The quantity was very, very less, which was the reason that this dish was finished in seconds.




Coming to the other items, they tasted very mediocre. The service of the place has to improve. Our server couldn’t even recommend us dishes which was, rather saddening. You can definitely not bring a date here except if you’ve experimented the menu thoroughly before.


Until next time. xx

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