Flavor of the Month – CHOCOLATE!

Okay, so I know I’m a bit late for this post. Flavor of the month’s rules state that it should be posted at the start of every month. But, oh well, rules are meant to be broken right? 😉 Continue reading “Flavor of the Month – CHOCOLATE!”

An “Egg-cellent” Brunch at Eggspectation

The one thing I missed most during Ramadan was brunching! And, as the Holy month has come to an end, what better way to celebrate than eating out for your favorite meal of the day! Continue reading “An “Egg-cellent” Brunch at Eggspectation”

Ramadan Tent – Hush Lounge

Iftar tents during Ramadan are a common sight in the U.A.E. Trying their hand at these, Emirates Golf Club put up quite a successful tent this Ramadan by offering a Middle Eastern cuisine and a relaxing atmosphere for guests. Continue reading “Ramadan Tent – Hush Lounge”

Iftar at QD’s

QD’s, located in Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, Garhoud, boasts a relaxed ambiance as well as good service. Situated overlooking the Creek, with a beautiful landscape to gaze at, it makes your visit one to remember. Continue reading “Iftar at QD’s”

Iftar at the Constellation Ballroom – Address Dubai Marina

The Constellation Ballroom, located at Address Dubai Marina, is one of the most talked about places in town. Other than the obvious splendid decor, it also boasts an Iftar buffet that is quite different from its counterparts. I was invited to the place for an Iftar last week. The location was easy to find, as it is located amidst famously known hotels such as Radisson Blu and the likes. They also offer valet parking and offer to park your car which is a relief as it saves time.

The interiors are one word – Luxurious. Anyone can notice that there was a lot of time put into design those chandeliers, the lights and decorations and squeaking clean floors. The entrance of the ballroom is impressive. A dimly rim room with candles and roses. Placed aside was a large figure that read “#RamadanSawa”. After this, there is a red carpet to welcome guests. I surely felt like a star walking on it, even if it was for a few seconds 😀




The ballroom is quite large, with around eight live stations on the sides. While the cold mezze, dates, and mains are served in the center of the room. What distinguishes this buffet spread from the others is that, Address Dubai Marina has tried to incorporate Arabic, Indian as well as Asian flavors in their menu. There were some dishes that totally wowed me.


The live grills took up most of my plate as they were mouth-watering. They had shish tawook, chicken tikka, and shish kebab.



There was a separate section for bread. I liked how these included sweet and savory options. As well as, the rotis and khubz.




There was a small section for salads, but there wasn’t a particular one that I enjoyed. All of them were quite mediocre, more or less the standard that you’d expect from a place offering a normal buffet.


The mains consisted of predictable dishes like biryani, ouzi and a couple of gravies that were good, but failed to charm me. The sirloin beef had a separate live station, where we were served cut pieces of beef. The meat was well done and went very well with the sauce provided.




They also had Dumplings! 😀 I loved how the dumplings were soft and not too soggy. They had seafood and vegetable available. Some Korean dishes like Kimchi were also offered in the buffet.



The desserts were kept in a separate hall, which was used for dining. These had innumerable options which delighted me of course! There is nothing such as too many sweets! 😀


To name a few, Umm Ali, Muhallabia and puddings served in cute jars, cakes of different types, macarons and a huge pile of Macadamia nuts! You should see how glad I was when I saw this!





The Chocolate Pavlova was heavenly! It had just the right amount of dark chocolate to give it a perfect mixture of a bittersweet experience. There were also chocolate cakes that were a bit too sweet for me.



The macarons were another hit! Soft and almost breakable, they were creamy on the inside. I loved the lemon flavor more than the chocolate.



While one stall served dessert, there was another counter where fruits were neatly arranged and also placed on sticks.



On its side was a place where you could select an ice cream of your choice and garnish it with toppings yourself! I chose a hazelnut ice cream, with chocolate fudge, topped with choco chip and pistachio. And it tasted amaaazing!! 😀



Priced at 199 AED per person, the Constellation Ballroom is a place for lovers of extraordinary locations and those with healthy appetites alike. Along with an Iftar buffet, Address Dubai Marina offers a place to relax with friends and family and also promises an experience that one can never forget.


For details, contact 800 2337377

Happy eating. Until next time. xx

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Sugarmoo – My Happy Place

Desserts! A topic that everyone has an opinion about. Desserts! Something that is abundant in the U.A.E. Desserts! My favorite part of every meal. Which also gives me the title of being somewhat an expert in the field. Continue reading “Sugarmoo – My Happy Place”

Iftar at Centro Sharjah by Rotana

Rotana, a name is that is not uncommon to anyone living in the United Arab Emirates, manages around 100 properties in over 26 cities, also with sub brands like the Centro Hotels by Rotana. If I’m looking to feature Iftars this Ramadan, I can’t surely miss one by this popular hotel! I was lucky enough to receive an invite for Iftar one evening with my parents. Centro Sharjah is located near the Sharjah International Airport and offers a convenient location for passengers in transit. It also boasts a deli and a restaurant that provides an exquisite buffet during Ramadan.



What I noticed when I arrived was the beautifully arranged buffet…and the crowd around it. When I inquired about the large number of people, which was obviously a huge group from a work place, I was informed that there was an office Iftar being hosted too that evening. Gladly, Centro Sharjah had organized two areas serving the same starters and mains, which led me into going to the other place that was surprisingly empty. The starters constituted of various types of salads, of which Fattoush was my favorite. The salad was freshly made with greens, topped with fried pieces of pita bread that was crunchy. There were also fried items like kibbeh, pakoras and samosas. From the wide array of drinks, we opted for Jallab for the three of us.





The mains consisted of Seafood Fettuccini, Tawa Chicken Masala, Chicken Biryani, Fish with Tahina Sauce, Aloo Gobi Masala, Chicken Kadhai and Ouzi. Judging from the food, the cuisine was a mixture between Arabic and Indian which provided different options to all types of guests.



My favorites from the main course were the Fish with Tahina Sauce, chicken biryani and the tawa chicken masala. These stood out of the mains that were provided to us. What I didn’t like was the Ouzi. By the time I had gotten to the area, it was mostly over. Also the meat didn’t taste quite good.




From the live grill, I loved the kebabs and tikkas. These were served with garlic sauce that made them all the more appetizing.

I loved the dessert section. Hear me out, I LOVED it. There were so many different options, easily 10-15 of them. My favorites were the mango mousse, Umm Ali, chocolate cake and kunafa. The mango mousse was soft and easy to cut through, placed on top was a piece of mango jelly.





The Umm Ali and kunafa were not too sweet, which was a comfort as I could indulge in more of these without feeling guilty.



Lastly, the chocolate cake was the star of the entire buffet! It was presented in thick layers of cake and rich dark chocolate, that provided a bittersweet taste. I couldn’t help myself and had two whole pieces of this! 😀


Coming to the service of Centro Sharjah by Rotana, we were very well taken care of. We were asked for our feedback during the course of our meal and were also assisted by a kind server who was ready to take any orders that we might have had.


The Iftar buffet is priced at AED 109 per person, which is very reasonable for the amount of dishes, quality and the service they offer.

For more details, contact 06 5088000 / 06 5088000

Until then. xx

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#BuffetsAreGoodForHealth – Iftar at Manzil Downtown Dubai

Iftars in Dubai during the month of Ramadan are a common affair. While some may be with humble offerings, some choose to offer a rather lavish spread. One such place was the Manzil Downtown Dubai by Vida Resorts. I was invited there for Iftar last week, and I’m glad I accepted. The hotel, upon entering was beautiful. Inspired by Arabic interiors, they have gorgeous chandeliers and an entrance that one just can’t miss! Continue reading “#BuffetsAreGoodForHealth – Iftar at Manzil Downtown Dubai”

An Italian Heaven at Per Te

Per Te, meaning “for you” in Italian is a cozy little restaurant tucked away in Jumeirah, Dubai. Villa no. 54 to be exact. From the interiors, I was reminded of the countless pictures I’ve seen of Italy. Though I haven’t been there personally, I’ve had quite an experience with its food. I was recently invited for iftar by a very kind, Ms. Kaye Capistrano, to sample their Iftar set menu.



The place is quite beautifully done. With French windows on the outside, and comfortable interiors, it provides a homely atmosphere. Spread over 3000 sq ft, the restaurant offers a cafe, a dining area with an open kitchen, a store that sells their pasta, espresso and chocolate while also providing an alfresco terrace seating.





Moving on to the food, the Ramadan menu consisted of Jallab, Rose Milk or Rooh Afza for drinks. We chose a Jallab (An Arabic drink made with dates, grape mollases and rose water) and a Rose Milk. Though I enjoyed the latter, the Jallab was a disappointment. Mainly, as there was a lot of crushed ice which made the drink watery.


We were also served a fruit platter with dates, that I enjoyed thoroughly. Nothing is better than some drinks and fruits to break your fast. Soon enough, we were served their bread platter with three dips. Namely, Hummus, Muhammara sauce (my favorite among the three) and Arriabetta sauce. The breads were freshly made and soft. I even saved up some for the soup that was served next – A comforting lentil soup with mushroom tortellini.




Next, up, we had the Antipasti. This had a few hits and misses from me, mainly as I personally did not prefer some of its contents. To name a few, it consisted of burratta cheese, Arancini stuffed with spinach and Feta cheese, fried mozzarella, grilled prawns with turkey bacon, lamb liver skew, wine leaves stuffed with rice, caponata alla siciliana, and stuffed chicken supreme.While I wasn’t a big fan of the bresaola, chicken liver pate and the lamb liver skew, I enjoyed the rest. 🙂



For mains, I ordered a Grilled Beef Tournedos Steak with creamy mushroom sauce and traditional jarjir salad, while my companion chose a Sicilian style Seafood Stew served with Tunisian Couscous. My food palette consisted of four pieces of well-done steak, with an amazing creamy mushroom sauce and a salad that complemented it well. The meat could have been better cooked according to me since it was a bit chewy.


Coming to the other main course, we opted for shrimps and fish in our seafood stew. This dish deserves a ten on ten! The shrimps tasted good and the fish wasn’t bad either. The couscous also contained bits of potatoes, tomatoes, and asparagus.

The main course also consists of other options such as lamb and chicken.


While we were already too full with all the delicious food we were served with, we HAD to have dessert. How could we not? And when I saw my dessert arrive, I was beyond ecstatic! I loved the way it was arranged. It was one of those things that’s just too pretty to eat. The Dates Semifreddo consisted of layers of the half frozen ice cream, made with gelato produced in-house, topped with a dates syrup. The decos on the side were wonderfully carved meringues! I would visit Per Te surely for this one again! 😀




Coming to the service of the restaurant, it was impeccable! The servers were friendly and welcomed us warmly. The manager, Mr. Anushka Pradeep assisted us well and even asked us for our feedback from time to time.


Great atmosphere, friendly staff, a talented kitchen team, what more can you ask for when you want to kick back your shoes and relax in an Italian heaven?

For details, contact: +97143446455

Disclaimer: Though I was a guest at Per Te, my opinions remain unbiased.

Until next time. xx

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